Regent Singapore: A Marvelous Foodie Staycation Heaven For All Food Worshippers

Regent Hotel-

Regent Singapore prides itself for its impeccable gastronomic selection, and currently offers a Foodie Staycation Package from now till 30 December 2016. It grants you SGD 300 nett dining credit to spend across all its many food outlets (except for tenant outlets, Seoul, and Tenshin) during your stay.

From rates starting at SGD 450 per night, per room, you and your partner will get to experience the ultimate Foodie Heaven with this staycation, built around the theme of pure indulgence.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9504

We were placed in Regent’s spacious Deluxe Room with plenty of room for luggages, and pure comfort. With comfy beds that come with a pile of cushions and pillows, you won’t be left missing your bolster at home.

With six electrical outlets at both the bedside and the work desk, you don’t have to fight with your partner for charging ports for any of your electronic devices. There’s more than enough charging ports in one room.

For those planning to explore beyond the four walls of Regent during your stay, the hotel even provides you with a smartphone that you can take out of the hotel with unlimited 4G and an application informing you of events and the latest happenings in Singapore.

— Tea Lounge —

Regent Foodie Staycation-9519

At the ground floor,rows and tables just brimming with a scintillating array of desserts decorated the lobby of the scenic Regent Hotel .

The Tea Lounge had a buffet full of cakes, macarons, pies, sushi, and steak, amongst several other mouth-watering dishes that’ll leave you undecided on where to even begin.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9518

Considering how afternoon tea isn’t very much centred around having a full normal meal, the Tea Lounge’s Weekend High Tea Buffet ($61) was much heavier on the dessert side, with a smaller selection of savoury foods.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9521

As you enter and first walk past the tremendously enticing range of desserts, you might find yourself too entranced to notice the table of mains on offer.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9523

When you somehow manage to tear your eyes off of the ravishing dessert spread, you’ll see that there’s also a quite a commendable range of savoury items as well. At the sushi counter, colourful trays of salmon, swordfish, octopus and caviar sushi line the counter.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9534

The range of dishes transport you from Japan to Hong Kong, while you peruse through the buffet spread, some of the more famous Dim Sum dishes, include Char Siew Bao and Har Gau.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9536

There are also several Singapore’s popular street foods like Satay, Chicken RiceLaksa and the iconic Chilli Crab with Man Tou for the true blue Singaporean foodie.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9542

You could even put your fancy pants on and help yourself to their selection of cheese, crackers, bread, and fruits.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9551

The Tea Lounge’s Afternoon Tea Buffet spread is nothing short of a lunch or dinner buffet, with a large variety of quality foods across different cuisines.

Despite the variety it offers, the quality of each dish was surprisingly poignant. The steaks were cooked to a perfect juicy medium rare, Chicken Rice as good as a longstanding hawker prepares it, and sushi made with the freshest ingredients.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9560

However, let’s not forget desserts! From crunchy macarons to churros, crème brûlées and lemon meringue tarts, the Tea Lounge is truly an expert with desserts.

Every bite into each kind of dessert makes for an entirely distinctive experience with the different play of textures, flavours, and components that go into them.

To end off your long and face-stuffing time at The Tea Lounge, have a glass of Iced Chocolate, that’ll tip you off the edge into a hazy sleep coma.

Tea Lounge: Lobby Floor | Tel: 6725 3245 | Weekday Afternoon Tea: 12pm – 5pm (Mon – Sat) | Weekend High Tea Buffet: 12pm – 2:30pm (1st seating), 3pm – 5:30pm (2nd seating)

— Manhattan—

Regent Foodie Staycation-9614

For evening drinks, we headed to Regent’s bar, Manhattan, where cocktails are no trivial matter to their mixologists. Each cocktail served here is inspired by and designed after the many sections of Manhattan, New York City itself.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9612

Regent Foodie Staycation-9602

With a entire separate room showcasing all the ingredients that go into their one-of-a-kind cocktail mixes, you can probably tell that they take their cocktail game pretty seriously.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9603

The room, filled with jars and curious unconventional ingredients slightly remind me of the potions room in Hogwarts.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9584

We ordered the Spectrum Punch ($22) that had Plantation Jamaica 2000 Rum, house-made Falernum, fresh lime, honey and fresh berries. With a potent amount of alcohol, came the fruity bursts of assorted berries and a fresh kick from the lime’s acidity. Not exactly a drink one could down quickly, but I slurped this delectable cocktail down lickity split.

The Omerta ($22), on the other hand, isn’t fruity, but has a heavier nutty flavour from the Luxardo Maraschino Hazelnut Liqeur and Walnut Bitters. It comes topped off with a sweet nut caramel brittle to pair with its bitter profile.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9606

Here’s another cool thing about Manhattan. Sure, you might have heard of aging wines, but have you heard of the process of aging cocktails?

In another room of Manhattan, signed oak barrels containing different cocktails created by famous mixologists from all around the world are stored, rotated and re-mixed once every few weeks to create the mind-blowing cocktails that they serve to guests.

Manhattan: Level 2 | Tel: 6725 3377 | Opening Hours: 5pm – 1am (Sun-Thur), 5pm – 2am (Fri-Sat)

— Room Service–

 Regent Foodie Staycation-9630

Still feeling peckish after the bout of drinks at Manhattan, we decided to make use of their 24-hour room service at way past midnight. That’s a service, a night owl like me, could really appreciate.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9637

After carefully combing through the diverse menu and meticulously calculating the prices to fully utilise all our dining credits, we decided on three very sinful dishes.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9639

We ordered a Butter Chicken Set ($35) that comes with butter naan, basmati rice, papadum and aloo gobi. This carb loaded delight satisfied all midnight hunger pangs, and the mildly spiced curry sauce added the perfect tang to each different carb.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9649

Off the kids’ menu, we got ourselves a bowl of Mac and Cheese ($12), and thankfully, it didn’t come in a size fit only for hungry tiny monsters.

It could have done with more creaminess and flavour as we felt it was a tad too plain, but it’s still Mac and Cheese, so we can’t complain much.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9644

We also ordered Charcoal Grilled Chicken Breast ($32), with cream of mushroom sauce, and a choice of two sides, of which I chose mashed potatoes and french fries.

Although the size of the chicken was a tad smaller than I’d expected, what it lacked in quantity, it made up for in quality. I could really taste the smokey flavours from the charcoal grill, and the meat was moist and tender. What’s more, the mashed potatoes were extra creamy and velvety, complementing the smokey flavours of the chicken superbly.

Regent Foodie Staycation-9572

My stay at Regent Singapore truly was Foodie Heaven, with so many food options available for us all to indulge in. I’d definitely recommend going for their Foodie Staycation if you seeking for a weekend of food pampering and paradise.

Treat yourselves once in a while, and grab this opportunity while it lasts till end of 2016!

Expected damage: Starting at SGD 450 per night, per room.

Regent Singapore: 1 Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249715 | Tel: 6733 8888 | Website