Rem’I.nis, Yishun: Good intentions that didn’t quite meet expectations

Last Updated: October 22, 2021

Written by Sonia Lourdes

On a hunt for Muslim-owned Tex-Mex food joints, I came across Rem.I’nis (pronounced ‘reminisce’) located at Yishun Industrial Street. They pride themselves on serving ‘pocket-friendly unpretentious comfort food’ and as a huge fan of Tex-Mex, I know I had to try them for myself. 

To avoid heading out to the North-side of Singapore in the blistering heat, I placed a delivery order (yes, you are now able to get your various hawker favourites delivered to your doorstep), that would hopefully arrive sooner than my appetite grows hungrier.

What I tried


Burritos never fail to make my day so I knew that was going to be the first dish I stuff my face with. The Burrito Wrap Chicken (S$8) had an outer layer of flour tortilla and was filled with an insane amount of Mexican rice, hiding the meat and vegetables. 

The absence of beans was refreshing because I usually pick them out of my burritos (sorry, bean lovers) but I was conflicted with the taste. Unlike the robust Tex-Mex flavours one will get from a burrito, I just had a mouthful of mushy rice that had a peppery aftertaste. 

The burrito had nuances of Asian flavours more than anything—almost akin to wrapping egg fried rice in a flour tortilla and calling it a burrito. Although it didn’t taste like a regular burrito, I felt like the Asian twist was probably their way of being unpretentious. On Rem.I’nis’ menu it states that the two sauces it came with was sour cream and nacho cheese, however, both sauces were either missing from my burrito or had already been absorbed by the rice.

What I feel would’ve elevated the burrito was to replace the sauces with pico de gallo and go easy on the Mexican rice.

Quesadillas on a plate

One cannot go to a Tex-Mex joint and give their quesadillas a miss; that’s always been a rule I’ve lived by. They’ve two different types of quesadillas on the menu—the regular version and the ‘krusty’ version. The ‘krusty’ version comes with a layer of “krusty cheese” on the top of the flour tortilla filled with four different types of cheeses, coriander, spring onions, and your choice of meat. 

A close up of the Quesadillas

I decided to go for the Krusty Quesadillas Chicken (S$8), however, despite sticking to its ‘crispy intentions’, the cheeses were so overpowering that I could barely taste the chicken and other fillings. Similar to the burrito, it lacked that so-good-it-explodes-in-your-mouth experience that I was expecting. With that said, if you love your cheeses, I would recommend getting this. 

Beef and Chicken Tacos

What’s Tex-Mex without sinking my teeth in a couple of tacos? I got myself the Taco Chicken (S$4.50) and Taco Beef (S$5). If you’re a fan of hard shell tacos, please note that they only have soft shell tacos on their menu. Both tacos will come with a warm corn tortilla base topped with your choice of meat with cabbage, fresh tomato salsa, sweet corn, nacho cheese, and sour cream. 

The Taco Beef had a gamey flavour that didn’t really sit well with me as opposed to the chicken variation, which, I felt, was well-seasoned. However, after multiple messy bites, I noticed that the freshness of the tomato salsa was truly the star of the dish. Ultimately, it tasted like a taco you’ll possibly find at a pasar malam; it’s a reinvention of a classic with a local touch.

Personally, the dish could do with more of the sauces and with a bit of heat as Tex-Mex food typically entails. After adding a drop of homemade hot sauce I found in my kitchen, it truly elevated the dish and gave it the zing it was lacking. 

A close up of naked balls

I’ll be honest; the only reason I ordered the Naked Balls (S$3.50) was because of its name. It is essentially deep-fried potato balls, which I assumed came with a dip, but doesn’t. The jemput-jemput-looking potato balls were crispy and filled with a generous amount of potato—something different from the usual jalapeño poppers one would find in a Tex-Mex menu.  

Final thoughts 

When one thinks of Tex-Mex food, the usual tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and buffalo wings come to mind, and that’s what Rem.I’Nis has achieved. They didn’t stray away from the traditional fare and their good intentions are evident but it just wasn’t what I was expecting. 

Their dishes may lack the usual Tex-Mex flavours but they sure are visually appealing. So, if you’re around the neighbourhood and craving comfort food with a bit of Tex-Mex influence—without breaking the bank—Rem.I’Nis may just satisfy that craving.

Expected damage: S$5 – S$12 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 2 / 5


6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, NorthView Bizhub Singapore, Singapore 768090

Our Rating 2/5


6 Yishun Industrial Street 1, NorthView Bizhub Singapore, Singapore 768090

Telephone: +65 8780 2678
Operating Hours: 12pm - 5pm (Mon to Fri), 1pm - 8pm (Sat), Closed on Sun
Telephone: +65 8780 2678

Operating Hours: 12pm - 5pm (Mon to Fri), 1pm - 8pm (Sat), Closed on Sun
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