10 Reasons Not to Visit Resorts World Genting With Your Family


Resorts World Genting is a hill resort 1740 metres up in the chilly mountains, featuring a world renown casino and immense family fun entertainment.

Starting in 2013, the Genting Integrated Tourism Plan began a 10 year development to enhance the infrastructure of the resort, expanding its hotels, shopping outlets and entertainment venues.

Sadly though, the famed outdoor theme park of Genting Resorts World is one of the main attractions to be shuttered for an upgrade into the world’s first 20th Century Fox World.

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While Resorts World Genting’s outdoor theme park is closed, there can’t be much else to do here with your family, is there?

1. You’d rather eat at crappy restaurants in Genting

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Resorts World Genting has a plethora of restaurants to choose from and oh, will you be spoilt for choice. For western with an Italian flair, check out Bubbles & Bites, with ‘bubbles’ referring to the array of fizzy drinks you can accompany your meal with.

All pastas and pizzas are made from scratch for the freshest flavour, while the glorious aged T-bone steak amazed even the meat snob in me.

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If you’re in the mood for a more oriental touch, Ming Ren restaurant has been thoroughly impressive with their mix of Cantonese cuisine, with a spiced lamb-centric menu inspired from Hunan in China; the story goes that one of the directors of Resorts World Genting loved the lamb he tasted so much he decided to bring back this ‘specialty lamb cuisine’ and establish the only such restaurant in Malaysia. The wasabi prawns and steamed fish are a must try in addition to the lamb soup.

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Imperial Rama on the other hand serves a Thai-Teochew menu that incorporates the best of both cultures which has a long history together. The fiery Tom Yang Kung and Salted Egg prawns were definitely a highlight for me.

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And if you have a finer chi-chi palette, LTITUDE in the exclusive Genting Club provides a luxurious environment to smoke cigars, break open a couple bottles of Dom Perignon and enjoy exquisite French and Italian dishes. The gourmand in you will be pleased. But if you’d rather have a choice of subpar restaurants avoid Resorts World Genting like the plague.

2. The family hates staying in nice Genting hotels

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Resorts World Genting provides a great range of hotels, includes: First World Hotel, recently has been announced and certified by the Guiness World Records as the ‘Largest Hotel in the World’!

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The refurbished World Club Room which was my humble abode at First World Hotel is minimalistic, clean and very affordable. Check-in and check-out is also deadly efficient with automated self-service kiosks that’s foolproof to use. First World Hotel is also connected to shopping malls and the indoor theme park for utmost convenience.

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Higher end options in Genting Grand, Maxims and the ultra premium Crockfords hotel will also cater to the fussier, pampered traveler.

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On the other hand, Awana Hotel provides a stark contrast to the others, being located amongst lush greenery lower down the mountain range. If you’d like a change of pace and enjoy golf, head on down here.

There really is an ideal accommodation for everyone at Resorts World Genting, but if you hate having a choice on where to stay then abandon this trip.

3. You see snow too often in Asia

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SnowWorld in Resorts World Genting is an unlikely attraction in the sweltering heat that is Asia. With artificial snow everywhere, this enchanted venue will bring your fairytale fantasies to life. Prepare to bundle up and don’t try to be a hero, because it gets colder than my ex’s heart in SnowWorld.

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There’s a whole mini town built within that has that rustic flavour. At temperatures as low as -6 degrees, you won’t have to fly all the way around the world to experience this snowy climate- just visit SnowWorld.

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Don’t forget to take an exhilarating ride down the slippery slide that’s in the heart of SnowWorld. If you hate seeing snow and experiencing sub-zero temperatures, I wouldn’t come here.

4. Your family likes to stay stressed. Who needs family-bonding anyway?

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Relaxation is all you’re getting out of a trip to Resorts World Genting. MSpa & Fitness in Genting Grand has facilities to rebalance your ‘chi’, rejuvenate the body and mind and also exercise to your heart’s content.  Take up one of the spa packages and ease your worries away after a massage, while lounging in the Jacuzzi pool.
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Back at Awana hotel, golfing and other family friendly activities like archery and Ping Pong can also be enjoyed by the entire family for an easy-going time. Spend quality time together without worrying about the troubles back home.

If the family would rather stay tensed up, Resorts World Genting isn’t for you.

5. You already have a glow-in-the-dark bowling alley built in your home

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Not all of us are millionaires, but hey, if you already have a cool glow-in-the-dark bowling alley at home then you probably don’t have to visit Resort World Genting’s bowling alley.

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With bright neon colored pins, electronic dance music playing and a scoreboard that mocks you whenever the ball goes in the gutter, this trippy bowling alley is best enjoyed with a couple of beers to fully maximize the experience.

6. Curiosity is not in your vocabulary

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As the Chinese proverb goes: 活到老,学到老 (keep learning as long as you live). If you’re curious about this big world we live in, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum in Resorts World Genting will open up your mind.

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Ripley’s Believe It or Not! boasts more than 500 collected exhibits from Robert Ripley, a famed cartoonist who traveled the world in search of strange sights and happenings.

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You will be astounded by the 11 themed galleries that contain unbelievable facts, interactive displays and lifesize replicas of the strangest people who have walked this earth.

Want to remain in your small bubble of a world? Don’t believe it.

7. You’d rather sweat it out in the tropics

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Located high up within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia, Genting highlands has a temperature ranging around 14 to 25 degrees. The thick mist makes the entire Resorts World Genting look like a scene out of The Journey to The West.

If a cooling climate with virtually no sweat even while running around in the day isn’t your cup of tea, fly to Hawaii instead.

8. Your family hates live shows and being entertained

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Featuring a considerable rotation of international and local acts, Resorts World Genting provides live family-friendly entertainment you’ll want to bring the whole family to. Ed Alonzo‘s Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem was one such show I had the privilege of catching while residing in Genting.

If you appreciate a good laugh while being bewildered by Ed Alonzo‘s magical stunts, this show is worth the ticket.

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From acrobatic sword swallowing contortionist to a Japanese Samurai swinging a flaming sword, this show kept the audience on its toes throughout.

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Concerts, magic shows, theatric acts – it’s all here at Resorts World Genting. But if the family prefers TV surfing on the couch, then stay home instead.

9. You’re too old for haunted houses

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The scariest haunted house you can find in Resorts World Genting, take a 10 minute walk through the cool darkness and try not to scream like Justin Bieber.

 genting resorts world-4215

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Surprises are aplenty in this horror that is the Haunted Adventure within First World Plaza. Things that you wouldn’t expect to move, well, move anyway. So check your blood pressure before entering this maze of spookiness. Think you’re too manly for a haunted house? You just might get a new revelation.

10. You’re allergic to cheap shopping

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Pfft, who likes a good deal anyway, right? The retail mix in Resort World Genting’s First World Plaza features many branded stores as well as the coveted factory outlets, where branded goods are priced way lower than what you would normally get purchase back at your local shopping mall.

Getting a good bargain without any fuss isn’t for everyone though. Fly to Bangkok if haggling for every dollar is your kind of fun.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Resorts World Genting.


There’s plenty happening here in Genting – EAT, PLAY & DO – are only some of our suggestions to fulfil your getaway needs. There’s still plenty left undiscovered and all that’s waiting for you.