Roosevelt’s Diner and Bar : Weekend Brunch Review

Who doesn’t Love an All-Day Brunch?

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar Weekend Brunch |

It’s no surprise that brunch is the favourite meal of most Singaporeans (at least for now). Tucked in a corner next to Outram MRT station (Exit H) is Roosevelt’s Diner and Bar, an all American diner bar that serves food from the heart.

Recently, they have launched an all new All day weekend and public holiday brunch menu! And for the price and the serving size, this would be on my list of convenient and favourite brunch places.

This review was written by multiple writers by the way.

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar Weekend Brunch |

Brioche French Toast Waffles ($14). Soft,and slightly chewy house-made brioche buns pressed with a waffle iron to form a buttery spongy dense waffle complete with crisp edges, coupled with a generous scoop of classic vanilla ice cream and drizzled with Roosevelt’s in-house berry compote, there’s really nothing to dislike about this dish, unless if you prefer the airy and crispy sort of waffles.

This dish tastes much better when it is eaten hot and is good for sharing. Italian liquor lovers will be happy to know that the brioche buns have been soaked in amaretto laced mixture – providing oomph and making brunch a happier meal of the day.

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar Weekend Brunch

Crab Cake Benedict ($16). The poached egg and crab cake placed atop a crisp slice of English muffin combines 3 different textures into one delectable dish. A slice into this would definitely appeal to anyone visually as the molten yolk explodes over the crisp patty and muffin leaving one salivating for more.

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar Weekend Brunch |

Breakfast Waffle Candied BLT ($14).  Roosevelt’s never ceases to impress with their waffles creations. Sandwiching fried egg, smoked ham, candied bacon and house-made relish is two halves of a fragrant, airy waffle that has a slight crisp to it.

The addition of the candied bacon is ingenious and creative, bringing with it sweet and savoury flavours. Definitely an upgrade from the usual BLT.

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar Weekend Brunch |

Spiced Potato Bacon Hash ($16). This is probably the go-to comfort food of all time. The hash may be dull at first glance, but every bite is guaranteed to be a burst of rich flavours. Topped with a perfectly poached egg with that delightfully runny centre, every bite would guarantee you an almost equal ratio of spiced potato and bacon.

The home made tomato relish was a little sweeter than usual, but its a mellow accompaniment to the hash. I’m not too sure about the side salad, I believe its just there to relieve you of the guilt from this dish. Best eaten with your eyes closed while imaging yourself in pajamas in bed on a rainy day.

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar Weekend Brunch |

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar Weekend Brunch truffle eggs

Sam likes to introduce readers to the Truffle Eggs Waffle (pictured above, cause he loved the waffles there!).  Before the dish is served, we could already smell the heavenly aroma of Truffle.  He personally likes to fill each waffle ‘pockets’ with the creamy eggs to have an ‘explosion-of-happiness’ in the mouth, slowing letting the truffle envelope the palate. Combined with a mouthful of juicy Crab Cake, that – IMHO – is a perfect brunch combo for him.

There is an equally scrumptious version that is the Truffle Baked Eggs ($16). This version comes with Bacon, cheese, baked eggs, the same heavenly aromatic truffle oil, all served in toast and the same yummy house-made tomato relish that you can find in the Candied BLT or Spiced Potato Bacon Hash.  Both dishes will grant you the powers of a truffle-burp, a subtle reminder of a great brunch! 😉

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar Weekend Brunch |

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar Weekend Brunch |

To complete your brunch; which by the way last all day from 8.30am till 6pm, Roosevelt’s also offers an array of beverages including this very adorable looking cup of flat white. One would certainly get a bang for their buck as brunch here is fairly priced amidst the weekend befitting chill and laid back ambiance.

Brunch starts from 8:30am – 6pm on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Expected damage: $20/pax 

Roosevelt’s Diner and Bar: 331 New Bridge Road, #01-02 Dorsett Residences,  Singapore 088764 | Tel: 6538 3518 | Website