Sakura International Buffet Launches Seafood in a Bucket

Eat to your hearts content, and then some.

Sakura Buffet -1

Sakura International Buffet Restaurant, part of the Suki Group of Restaurants (others include Nihon Mura, Kagetsu Ramen and their latest add-on, Chabuton), is offering up an international buffet spread accompanied with a new Cajun-inspired seafood bucket special. The revamped restaurant is located in Clementi Woods and promises diners an indulgent dining experience.

The refurbished interior of the restaurant portrays a simplistic and modern-city vibe, when in fact the restaurant is nestled on the top of a tranquil park surrounded by lush greeneries.

The contrast between the modern decor and casual street feel of the newly added do-it-yourself Thai counters, which we will cover later in the article, is just one example of the outlets unique charm.

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In addition to the standard buffet spread, Sakura’s first-ever Seafood in a Bucket, will delight seafood aficionados. While seafood buckets are not new, Sakura is one of the first buffet concepts to offer this treat. As they pour all the goodness out on your table, the wait staff make you shout out “AHOY!”

The Seafood in a Bucket features a medley of crustaceans and vegetables that form part of Sakura’s buffet, and are definitely one of the most affordable seafood buckets in town.

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The bucket is prepared using the court-bouillon style and is available in unlimited servings. The imposing Boston Lobster (the highlight of the pot) is live and cooked upon ordering, ensuring maximum freshness and served steaming hot at your table.

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All the flavours are locked in and the seafood aroma is only revealed when it’s unwrapped in front of your eyes (and nose). The bucket also comes with two dipping sauces – a Spicy Saucy and Classic Garlic Herb Butter, to accommodate both spicy and non-spicy lovers.

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In every international buffet, the least we would expect is to see sushi, isn’t it? So there we have it, a counter with lots of variety of sushis. A sashimi counter is situated just right beside for diners (like me) who absolutely love to sink their teeth in to a chunky piece of fresh sashimi.

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As mentioned above, Sakura’s DIY counters promise to whisk patrons away to the heart of Thailand. The Som Tum station comes with a selection of coriander, roasted peanuts, and papaya salad, perfect for starters.

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Another counter offers make your own Kuai Tiao Neua (Thai Beef noodles). Here diners can select beef slices, brisket, bean sprouts, kang kong, noodles, fish sauce and chili padi creating their own version of the dish.

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Sakura is a place where diners can feast on an array of mainstays. If you are not in the mood for a their speciality seafood pot, the buffet spread offers a large variety of sushi, tempura, salads, laksa, pasta, pizza and more.

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Expect to fill your plate (multiple plates I mean), with items such as pipping hot clam chowder soup, puff pastries and grilled beef marinated with black pepper sauce to fill you up.

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The sweet tooth in you will yearn for their egg tarts with birds nest, or take your pick of small treats from the dessert station. Cheese cake, chocolate cake, mango mousse, eclairs and cream puffs – you name it, you got it. There are multiple options of sugary treats, bound to satisfy your varied cravings.

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Additionally, you can find a DIY hot waffle station. Top off your creation with some Häagen-Dazs from the ice cream chest. Cool eh?

The dessert section also offers a warm molten lava cake which was so delectably good. Most important, you know it’s free flow! *Winks*

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Overall, Sakura is a standard buffet offering with a large, but expected selection of Asian and international cuisine. Their new seafood bucket is a unique touch and helps add value for money to the dining experience.

Don’t expect any fancy top shelf champagne or fresh foie gras here – Sakura is generally a pretty casual buffet experience, perfect for hungry families looking to indulge for a modest price.

Expected Damage: $25.80 – $42.80 / per pax

  • Lunch (M-F, 12-3pm): Adults $25.80 / Senior Citizens $25.80 / Kids $16.80
  • Brunch (S-S, 11:30am-3:30pm): Adults $39.80 / Senior Citizens $35.80 / Kids $18.80
  • Dinner (M-T, 6-10pm): Adults $39.80 / Senior Citizens $35.80 / Kids $18.80
  • Dinner (F-Sat, 5:30-10:00pm): Adults $42.80 / Senior Citizens $38.80 / Kids $19.80

Sakura International Buffet: 93A Clementi Road, Singapore 129781 | Tel: 6474 8197 | Website