Savor Japan: A Website That Helps You Find Restaurants Of Your Preference In Japan At Your Fingertips

Last Updated: February 20, 2017

Written by Nicholas Chia

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Visiting Japan and have no idea where to get your dose of good, authentic, Japanese food? Can’t seem to find a restaurant serving your favourite dish? If you have faced any of these problems while you’re travelling to Japan, Savor Japan is a website that will come in handy.

Savor Japan compiles a list of countless restaurants and eateries strewn across Japan for your convenience; you can find an ideal restaurant through various search factors by region, location, budget and types of foods.

Additionally, for non-Japanese speaking travellers, there are even options to find restaurants with English speaking staff and English menu. You can even filter the search to restaurants with free WiFi, so you can stay connected to loved ones at home.

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Aside from your regular searches, you may look up for ingredients that are in season at the moment and get the necessary information about them. Follow up by searching for restaurants that serve dishes utilising these ingredients for a gastronomic experience.

Hit Savor Japan up to truly savour an authentic Japanese experience the next time you’re there.

Savourjapan: Website | Sign up | About SavorJapan

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