SAVOUR Wines 2016: 5 Reasons Food & Wine Lovers Need To Chiong There This Weekend

Following SAVOUR’s massive success with Singapore’s largest gourmet festival in May, the good people at SAVOUR are back, giving us even more of what we want with SAVOUR Wines 2016. From 9th – 11th September, grab your food and drinking kakis and chiong down to SAVOUR Wines 2016 to experience Singapore’s biggest food and wine festival.

And by big, I mean BIG. Here are 5 reasons (as if you needed any) food and wine lovers need to clear your calendars this weekend:

1. Wine Market Debut


If the average supermarket alcohol section isn’t doing it for you anymore, the brand new Wine Market at SAVOUR Wines will more than make up for it. Don’t miss your chance this weekend to stock up from a selection of hundreds of wines from all over the world.

If you’re like me and you’re more of a trier than a buyer, you’re still in for a treat. Wine Tasting Cards do need to be purchased for entry to the Wine Market but are so ridiculously affordable at only $15 for 10 wine tastings or $20 for 20 wine tastings.

That’s embarrassingly a lot less than what I’ve set aside as my drinking budget this weekend. I’ll take that as a win.

If you pre-purchase your Wine Tasting Card online, it even comes with a limited edition SAVOUR Wines wine glass. Double win!

Make sure you chiong though, as every session will only allow a maximum of 700 people in the Wine Market.

2. FREE Masterclasses

If you’re even the tiniest bit apprehensive about your wine knowledge or want to brush up on wine pairings, masterclasses will be offered on site over the three days.

SAVOUR masterclasses

The classes are free but each class will only fit a maximum of 20 people, so be sure to get there early. More importantly, hurry and get your Wine Tasting Cards online first as they are already selling out.

Remember that you firstly need these to enter the Wine Market where the masterclasses will be held.

3. A Cheese Room AND an Oyster Bar

SAVOUR Cheese Room

I’m sorry, but a whole room dedicated to cheese? YES PLEASE. 200 types to be exact, I never even knew there were so many. Sipping wine this whole weekend would have been the dream and now that 200 types of cheese have been thrown into the mix… there truly will be something for everybody.

SAVOUR Oyster Bar

On that note, eager to choose from 20 different selections of live oysters from the world over? Not only is SAVOUR Wines bringing back the Cheese Room, we can all also look forward to the popular Oyster Bar as well! I’m feeling fancy already.

4. FREE Entry to the Gourmet Village

SAVOUR gourmet village

If you don’t feel like spending much this weekend but want to get in on the buzz, entry to the Gourmet Village at SAVOUR Wines 2016 is absolutely free. And pssst, that’s where the Cheese Room and Oyster Bar are.

The Gourmet Village is also where SAVOUR Wines will be hosting the semi-finals of the DBS Live your Dream initiative. Come and witness nine of Singapore’s best emerging chefs compete and sample their unique creations.

You can also vote for your favourite dishes from the participating restaurants and all this while enjoying the live entertainment that the Gourmet Village promises.

5. Atas Food for Cheap


SAVOUR Wines wouldn’t be the biggest food and wine festival without delivering on the food. The nine competing chefs mentioned earlier come from top notch restaurants like The Study, Stellar at 1-Altitude, Restaurant Ember, Bird Bird, Mitzo, Three Buns, Angela May Food Chapters, The East Bureau and The Rabbit Stash.


Visiting the Gourmet Village will allow you to choose from over 30 stunning dishes from these restaurants as well as others like Wine Universe Restaurant & Bar, Xperience Restaurant, The Song of India and PAUL.

And the best part? All for only $6 or $12 per dish. Now that’s what I call a festival.

It’s been a long week and now you can look forward to an equally long weekend to unwind (Sunday still counts!). An afternoon or evening filled with wine, cheese, oysters, and gourmet food that won’t break the bank sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

So grab your best buddies and don’t miss the highlight of the food and drink scene this September at SAVOUR Wines.

Entry to the Gourmet Village is free but you’ll want to book your Wine Tasting Card here (comes with 10 wine tastings per card).

SAVOUR Wines 2016: Bayfront Avenue (Next to Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Centre) | Opening Times: 9 – 11 September 2016, 6pm-11pm (Friday) & 11am-4pm, 6pm-11pm (Saturday and Sunday)

*This post was brought to you in partnership with SAVOUR 

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