How does 30-minute delivery and over 40,000 local product choices, sound?

Spot a rider on Singapore’s roads decked out in distinct colours and we’re conditioned to recognise a food delivery brand. If this pandemic has taught us anything about the food delivery business, it’s that these days, it’s a service that we simply cannot live without.

panda plaza logo
Credit – foodpanda

Let’s take a cue from foodpanda, where their marketplace for shops boasts over 4,000 different merchants where you can pick anything you wish to purchase with only a few clicks of a button. Categories range from health & beauty, to electronics, to convenience, and so much more—you’ll never have to leave your home to shop. There are even crowd-favourite brands such as Watsons, 7-Eleven, Wine Connection, Marks & Spencer, and The Body Shop to truly cater to every whim and fancy.

But now, foodpanda has stepped up its game, with a new initiative launched in July 2021, called panda plaza, which supports our local vendors by partnering with them to be a part of foodpanda shops. It serves as a new “category” within the existing shops in which you may access by clicking on “Shops” on the home screen and then clicking on the tile that says “panda plaza” on the top carousel.

minimart for panda plaza
Credit – foodpanda

In addition to the existing plethora of items you can already purchase in the marketplace, panda plaza offers groceries, daily essentials, as well as cooking and household items which span across a library of more than 40,000 products sold by 16 local retailers. That’s not even the best part; one of panda plaza’s unique features is its on-demand delivery—including meat, fruits, and fresh produce—where your purchase can arrive at your doorstep in as fast as 30 minutes.

I’m just imagining how handy this will be when I’m in the midst of cooking and realise I’ve run out of ingredients! Also, given that the retailers in panda plaza are local, they also are able to offer local ingredients or items that may not be readily available at mainstream supermarkets. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Woman packing groceries
Credit – foodpanda

These are the 16 local retailers currently on panda plaza:

  • A1 India, Ace Mart
  • Ace Signature
  • Angel Supermart
  • D&S Minimart
  • Eccellente
  • Gem Mart
  • Gem Marketplace
  • HAO Mart
  • HAO Megamart
  • KDS Supermarket
  • KS Enterprise
  • uMart
  • Shopping Houze
  • Sri Murugan
  • Valu$

For those eager to get ordering right away, there’s a promo code for you to take advantage of; use <TAPINTOSHOPS> for a flat S$12 off your first shops order plus, an extra S$16 cashback. The promo code is valid for all first-time foodpanda shops order only and you’ll be able to see your cashback vouchers credited into your Vouchers wallet within 48 hours. This limited-time promotion is valid till 31 August 2021.

Now with panda plaza, there’s one less reason to get frazzled should you realise you don’t have enough ingredients when you spontaneously want to whip up your favourite meal!

*This post is brought to you in partnership with foodpanda.

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