Japanese castella cake brand Fukusaya Castella with almost 4 centuries of history debuts in SG

It’s a good thing that our favourite international sweet treats are making their way to our sunny island, because if there’s one thing we miss the most from our pre-pandemic lives, it’s being able to go overseas and indulge in a couple of days’ worth of feasting. I’m glad we’re spoilt for choice, first with Taiwanese tai yang bing, and now, the arrival of highly-acclaimed Japanese Castella Cake brand, Fukusaya Castella, in Isetan Scotts Supermarket on 20 August 2021.

a collage of cake and pastry chef
Credit – Fukusaya Castella

Fukusaya Castella brings with it almost 400 years of history. It’s relatively accessible to us in this day and age, but back in the 16th century, the high cost of sugar made this sweet treat a luxury item few could afford. Unlike its Taiwanese counterpart which has a softer texture, the Japanese Castella (S$25.90) is denser and has more structure due to the way the batter is mixed.

It is made out of basic baking ingredients—mainly flour, sugar, and eggs—and is perfect for those who are lactose intolerant because it’s free of dairy. The castella cake is also baked with crystallised sugar, thus achieving a crisp texture at the bottom crust with a slightly gritty sensation.

pouring of cake batter
Credit – Fukusaya Castella

Since 1624, this home grown brand has been dedicated to the exclusive production of Japanese Castella. And if you ever need to verify that you’ll be purchasing only the best Castella cake, Fukusaya Castella will definitely pass the test. We all know how too many cooks will spoil the broth, and so they only have one. Yes, you heard me right, just one. Their success lies in carefully selected ingredients, a specially selected pastry chef dedicated to seeing through the entire process—from the separation of eggs, to whipping of the meringue, mixing, folding, pouring of the batter, before it is eventually baked, and finally, to achieving sunshine gold-coloured gloriousness.

a picure of castella cake
Credit – Fukusaya Castella

Having dominated the Japanese market, Fukusaya Castella is now expanding its market, and we’re (glad to be) on that list, the second expansion after Taiwan. Fukusaya’s Castella will be available for purchase in Isetan Supermarket in boxes of 10 slices, perfect for a mini family faux-vacation to Japan without having to even leave the dining room.

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