Julaiha Muslim Restaurant: 24-hour Indian Muslim eatery with over 50 dishes including stir-fried prata

There’s honestly nothing more comforting than enjoying a hearty late night meal with friends, and eateries that are open 24 hours a day are just the perfect spot for that. Julaiha Muslim Restaurant, located along MacPherson Road, is a 24/7 Indian Muslim diner that offers over 50 dishes for your next supper run.

julaiha muslim restaurant - storefront

Julaiha Muslim Restaurant’s menu consists of Indian favourites, like a variety of prata flavours, fried noodles and rice dishes. Their dishes are displayed on signboards within the restaurant, and I was surprised to see that they even offered Western dishes like chicken chop!

I placed my order at the counter and had my dishes served directly to my table.

What I tried at Julaiha Muslim Restaurant

julaiha muslim restaurant - chicken briyani

I started my meal at Julaiha Muslim Restaurant with the Dum Briyani Chicken (S$7). This dish featured a heaping pile of briyani with pieces of chicken within, as well as a side of curry.

The briyani rice was lightly spiced and flavourful, with the gravy on top adding an extra kick to it. When I poured the dish of curry over the rice, it became even saucier with a richer curry aroma.

julaiha muslim restaurant - chicken briyani

The chicken meat was delightfully tender and soft, and I loved how nicely it went with the rest of the dish. The cucumber cubes on the side were refreshing and balanced out the heavier aspects of the dish well.

julaiha muslim restaurant - maggi chicken

The Maggi w/ Chicken (S$8) was yet another satisfying dish that I had. The gorgeous red noodles had been stir-fried with assorted vegetables, chicken and eggs, and was topped with a fried egg. To make the dish even more flavourful, there was a dollop of bright red tomato sauce at the side of the plate.

julaiha muslim restaurant - maggi chicken

Unlike the Dum Briyani Chicken, which came with whole pieces of boned chicken, the Maggi w/ Chicken dish came with pieces of fried chicken instead. To my disappointment, the chicken pieces were tough and overcooked. The skin of the chicken was soggy and not crispy at all, making it a rather unappealing protein to eat.

julaiha muslim restaurant - maggi chicken

Thankfully, the noodles were the saving grace of the dish as they were savoury and tasty. The tomato sauce added a bit of sweetness to the noodles and I enjoyed how it wasn’t too salty or oily.

Generally I found the Maggi w/ Chicken to be a bit too expensive for the lacklustre chicken, and I would consider getting another dish instead.

julaiha muslim restaurant - pattaya goreng

I moved on to Julaiha Muslim Restaurant’s Nasi Pattaya (S$7), which consisted of fried rice wrapped within a thin omelette, drizzled with tomato sauce.

julaiha muslim restaurant - pattaya goreng

The fried rice within was tasty, and I liked how evenly the sauce coated each grain of rice. There were also onions stir-fried with the rice, which gave the rice an even stronger, more umami flavour. There were also small prawns within, which surprised me, as I had not been expecting a protein.

The omelette on top was thin, but soft and not rubbery at all. Overall, I found the Nasi Pattaya to be very satisfying and delicious.

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julaiha muslim restaurant - plain prata and cheese egg prata

Julaiha Muslim Restaurant is known for its prata, so I decided to try their prata dishes, the Plain Roti Prata (S$1.20) and Cheese Egg Prata (S$3).

julaiha muslim restaurant - plain prata

The Plain Roti Prata was not as crispy or fluffy as I had hoped, and was instead a little doughier in texture. However, it was still fragrant and buttery. The dish of curry served with the prata had a mild spicy kick and a strong meaty taste, perfectly coating the more neutral tasting prata.

julaiha muslim restaurant - cheese egg prata

I especially enjoyed the Cheese Egg Prata, which contained a whole egg and a slice of cheese. The cheese was stretchy and creamy, and while the prata wasn’t very crispy either, it was still a relatively hearty and yummy meal.

julaiha muslim restaurant - chicken murtabak

Next, I had the Murtabak Chicken (S$8), consisting of prata stuffed with chicken meat. While the Murtabak Chicken was smaller in size than most other murtabaks I’ve tried, it was certainly a lot more generous in terms of fillings.

julaiha muslim restaurant - chicken murtabak

I can safely say that this dish is a must-try for fans of murtabak. I was incredibly impressed with the extreme generosity of the chicken meat— chicken was spilling out the sides of the murtabak with each bite that I took!

The chicken meat was soft and tender, and had been well-marinated in curry. The prata was a little on the doughier side, but I found the whole dish to be quite impressive. I would get this again if I were to return in the future.

julaiha muslim restaurant - kothu prata

The dish that I was the most interested to try was the Chicken Kuthu Prata (S$10). I had no idea what it was when I first saw it on the menu, and was quite confused when I searched it up on Google and found that it looked more like char kway teow than any prata dish I had ever tried.

I found out that the dish was made with chopped up pieces of prata dough stir-fried with other ingredients, such as eggs, onions and vegetables. How interesting!

julaiha muslim restaurant - Kothu prata

I was surprised at how much flavour was packed into this simple dish. Compared to regular prata, the Chicken Kuthu Prata was much softer and less crisp. However, it still tasted just as fragrant, and all the spices made it extra tasty. I found the onion taste to be especially strong, and there was also a lingering taste of cilantro. I strongly dislike cilantro, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the unique flavours of this dish.

While the chicken was dry and tough like the chicken in the Maggi w/ Chicken dish, I still thought that this uncommon dish was worth a try.

julaiha muslim restaurant - curry chicken

The Chicken Curry (S$5) was a bit steeper in terms of price. The dish came with a single chicken leg and a pool of thick curry.

The chicken meat was very tender and the curry was perfectly savoury and salty with a nice punch of spice. I didn’t find the dish to be very worth the S$5 price tag, but at least it was full of enough coconut fragrance.

Final thoughts

julaiha muslim restaurant - dishes

Our meal at Julaiha Muslim Restaurant was very satisfying and affordable. I liked how generous the portions of the food were in relation to the price, and the wide variety of menu items allowed for everyone to have something that they enjoyed.

To all the night owls wandering around MacPherson Road, why not pay Julaiha Muslim Restaurant a visit for a late night bite? Be sure to try out their Kuthu Prata if you’ve never had it before!

Expected damage: S$1.20 – S$10 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Julaiha Muslim Restaurant

538 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368222

Our Rating 4/5

Julaiha Muslim Restaurant

538 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368222

Telephone: +65 6743 2773
Operating Hours: 24 hours (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6743 2773

Operating Hours: 24 hours (Daily)