Fawn Over Adorable Seal-Shaped Daifukumochi Now Avail In Thailand

Daifukumochi or in short, daifuku, is probably something you would’ve tried if you’ve been to Japan. Few would dismiss the hype over it; it is difficult not to love this fluffy confection.

Tokyo Sweets Seal Daifuku Online 2

Essentially, it’s a mochi stuffed with a sweet filling like azuki red bean and a creamy centre. It is undoubtedly a sweet treat you can’t resist eating until TOKYO Sweets in Bangkok decided to make seal-shaped daifuku that’s too adorable to be eaten.

Tokyo Sweets Seal Daifuku Online 4

They come in different colours and filling flavours, yellow for Hokkaido melon, purple for yam and pink for strawberry. You can opt for the gift box which comes with five pieces at 395THB or one for 79THB.

Tokyo Sweets Seal Daifuku Online 1

Their daifuku also comes in bear shapes, with Muddy Bear (79THB) and Dirty Bear (79THB) lying belly-flat when served. The former contains a milky hazelnut cream while the latter is filled with rich chocolate.

As cute as they are, I’m sure we’ll be glad to pop them into our mouths once the swooning stops. They are pillow-soft and chewy mochis, after all.

Dates & times: Now available at all TOKYO Sweets outlets

Prices: 80THB – 400THB per pax