X Camp Up Studio Collab: Nominate Yourself or Your Favourite Hawkers for Free Rebranding—Here’s How

Ultimate Hawker Compilation Guide Part 2 X Camp Up Studio

It’s been several weeks now since we first felt the effects of the COVID-19 virus on our sunny island. The government has now implemented a ‘Circuit Breaker’ period where offices are closed, non-essential businesses are forced to close their shutters, and everyone is mandated to stay home as much as possible.

With these regulations in place, we, at understand and empathise with the local businesses we support in the F&B industry, and the challenges they are facing in these unfortunate circumstances.

We’ve been coming up with several ways to boost the morale of our readers through our content, but we also know there’s much more we can do to give back to our community.

Health Promotion Board: Less Sugar More Flavour – Coffee Break (15 secs) by Camp Up Studio

That is why we’re collaborating with Camp Up Studio, a boutique creative studio specialising in content development & consulting for TV, web, brands and events in Asia. They specialise in relaying the human side of the story behind businesses and aren’t limited by whatever medium they work with.

In this unique collaboration, both and Camp Up Studio will offer their services, complimentary, to three local hawkers who embody perseverance, hard work, and never-give-up attitude. These three local hawkers would best benefit from a review, as well as Brand Identity and Design Services by Camp Up Studio.

The shortlisted hawker will have a writer visit and write an 800 – 900-word review about the business, while Camp Up Studio will lend its expertise in branding and design in hopes of helping the business connect with its consumers. We hope that these services will highlight the strengths of your business, and hopefully help you grow beyond the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.

We want to hear from you; to have a chance to be a part of this special collaboration, all you have to do is nominate yourself by writing in to us, and share why you wish to come on board for this project. Alternatively, you can also nominate on behalf of your favourite hawkers, especially if they aren’t as tech-savvy as you are. When you email us, do remember to include the following details:

  • Name
  • Business name
  • How this project will impact your business/How this project can help you engage with your customers and grow the business
  • E-mail your submissions to [email protected], by 30 April 2020, latest

With this project, we hope to strengthen the #SGUnited spirit, as well as lend support to those in the community who are facing challenges in this pandemic. We look forward to receiving your submissions and hearing your stories.

Until then, let’s all do our part to help one another get through this adversity with perseverance, tenacity, and grit.