Shake Shack’s newly-launched Dark Meat Hot Chicken Burger entices you to the dark side for just S$10.80

Shake Shack has just launched a Dark Meat Hot Chicken Burger (S$10.80) across all its 8 outlets islandwide today, 21 Mar 2022Shake Shack fans— if heat and spice gets you going, this burger may be the one for you.

hot chicken burger

Described on the menu as “Crispy chicken thigh dusted with a hot pepper blend, all topped with slaw and pickles”, it’s the brand’s first foray into dark meat chicken.

If you were confused because you were always told that chicken is white meat, join the club. Apparently, only chicken breast and wing is considered white meat while the drumstick and thigh are considered dark meat. This ‘darker’ meat has a higher fat content than white meat but the calories in both are the same, gram for gram.

burger in the dark

You’ll be happy to know that Shake Shack uses only the thigh from cage-free chicken. The dark meat is slow-cooked in buttermilk, then covered in their special batter before being crisp-fried to perfection. The hot pepper blend is bound to add a nice kick to each bite, with the slaw and pickles rounding out each morsel.

cheese fries

As for the sides, when I’m at Shake Shack, I never miss out on their Cheese Fries ($5.90). The dip is a combination of cheddar and American cheese— so divine, you can’t stop at one! And don’t even get me started on their Milkshakes (S$7.30 onwards)— in short, they’ve quickly jumped the charts as one of my favourites in Singapore.

milkshake at shake shack

Side(s)-tracked! Back to the burgers— there’s no word yet whether this is a limited-time creation or a permanent addition to the menu. So let’s just play it safe and sink our teeth into them today! I’m already on my way there.

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