Simple.簡: Hipster Blue Nasi Lemak Infused With Butterfly Pea Flower Hidden In Lavender

Back when I was serving National Service, having the nasi lemak at Changi Village Food Centre was an almost weekly affair. It made me believe that nasi lemak is a dish that only tastes good if it’s prepared traditionally.

However, this hipster-looking nasi lemak in Lavender made me think otherwise. So I decided to head down to find out if it indeed tasted as good as it looked.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 1

Located in CT Hub 2, a commercial and industrial building, Simple.簡 was previously known as Jia Xiang Nasi Lemak.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 2

They moved out from the coffee shop in the same building into an eatery of their own after a rebrand.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 30

A young husband-and-wife duo, Stephy and Shawn, runs the business together.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 28

I’ll be honest, it was a challenge finding the store with its obscure location. But if you visit during lunchtime, that wouldn’t be a problem. You’ll see groups of office workers swarming outside the seemingly only operational stall in the entire lane.

What stands out about this nasi lemak joint is that they infuse many of their dishes with butterfly pea flower. Not only that, but they also offer a range of unusual nasi lemak ingredients.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 4

To start off, we had the Rendang Chicken (S$6.50).

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 9

The sheer size of the chicken leg impressed us greatly at first sight. Slathered with a generous amount of rendang gravy, the chicken leg glistened under the light. I love my rice with lots of gravy, so that was certainly a plus.

We appreciated that the rendang had a prominent buttery flavour. It had the right consistency too, which wasn’t too thick nor watery.

Unfortunately, however, it lacked the spicy kick which we were hoping for. But that was just a minor issue which we quickly got over.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 19

The chicken meat was perfectly fork-tender and boneless. This made it even easier for lazy people like me to indulge in it.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 3

We paired it with Simple’s signature Blue Nasi Lemak.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 20

It came with the quintessential nasi lemak ingredients, including egg, sambal and ikan bilis.

We loved the effort they put into plating the rice — it was too beautiful an art to ruin!

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 8

At the tip of the rice pyramid was the butterfly pea flower-infused nasi lemak. It had a deep blue hue which intrigued us, and we were very curious to find out how it tasted.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 18

We couldn’t detect any distinct taste from the butterfly pea flower. However, I did pick up a slight tinge of sweetness, which complemented the coconut fragrance of the rice well.

What really stood out to us was the texture of the rice. It wasn’t mushy at all, and we could taste every individual grain, a mark of well-cooked and high-quality rice.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 27

Mix it with their smoky and spicy sambal chilli and you’ll have a perfect mouthful!

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 10

They also recommended their most popular dish, the Har Cheong Chicken (S$6.50).

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 14

Just the fragrance of the chicken cutlet already made us salivate, so we were very optimistic about how it would taste.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 12

To our delight, the chicken was simply scrumptious. Not only was the portion large, but the chicken was also sizzling-hot, with a golden-brown hue.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 13

It was evident they seasoned both the batter and the meat, which both had a strong umami har cheong flavour which was simply irresistible.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 25

The fact that the chicken was super juicy was a bonus.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 11

This time, we paired the meat with the Special Simple’s Noodle. Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, this noodle dish changes each time.

The noodles of the day happened to be the Rendang Pasta. At first glance, the thick and flat pasta reminded us of mee pok. That aside, the pasta surprised us with its spicy and aromatic flavours.

The spices were all in perfect balance, making for a really indulgent bite.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 24

Furthermore, the pasta was perfectly firm and springy, giving every bite a satisfying mouthfeel.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 15

You can also have your nasi lemak with Simple’s Japanese Kabayaki Unagi (S$10).

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 21

They coat the unagi with a glaze of sweet and salty teriyaki sauce. Every bite of it was full of gooey sauce and simply delectable.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 22

Granted, it’s slightly pricey. We felt the price would have been more justified if the portion had been slightly larger.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 16

That said, though, if you’d like to zhng up your nasi lemak, this is certainly one option.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 17

For those of you who’re into healthy eating, you’ll be happy to know that Simple offers a Clean Series.

True to its name, it comes with a bed of roasted sweet potatoes, seasonal vegetables, as well as an egg.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 23

Though I’m a big fan of sweet potatoes, I felt they weren’t much to rave about. What I appreciated, however, was the honey glaze on them.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 5

We couldn’t leave without getting Simple’s butterfly pea flower-infused drinks. On their recommendation, we got the Butterfly Pea Brown Sugar Soy Milk (S$2).

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 7

The flavours came together nicely, with the natural sweetness of the butterfly pea flower going well with the subtle bitterness of the soy milk.

Meanwhile, the brown sugar infused the drink with a hint of caramel flavour.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 6

On the other hand, the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (S$1) had a refreshing sweetness reminiscent of agar agar.

Simple Nasi Lemak Kembangan 26

So if you’re ever in the area and craving a good plate of nasi lemak, Simple.簡 is a place you can visit. At the least, their portions are generous and their dishes taste good.

I can definitely find myself returning in the future, especially for their Har Cheong Chicken that’s to die for.

Expected Damage: S$1 – S$10 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


114 Lavender Street, #01-09, CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729

Our Rating 4/5


114 Lavender Street, #01-09, CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729

Telephone: +65 8188 6325 / +65 9639 2486
Operating Hours: 11am - 6.30pm (Mon - Fri), 11am - 3pm (Sat), Closed on Sun
Telephone: +65 8188 6325 / +65 9639 2486

Operating Hours: 11am - 6.30pm (Mon - Fri), 11am - 3pm (Sat), Closed on Sun