10 Singapore Snacks That’s Awesome Even Without a Queue

It’s pretty standard: whenever Singaporeans see a snaking, long queue right in front of a store, it is implicitly assumed that whatever is being sold there must be good. But what if I told you that it is entirely possible to sink your teeth into some pretty awesome Singaporean snacks and titbits without having to stand in line for hours on end? Sounds enticing in this busy, time-strapped country that we’re in?

If it sounds too good to be true, well… It definitely isn’t, because we have found 10 Singapore Snacks right here on our sunny island that is awesome even without having to queue!

1.  Peanut Pancake

good food no queue coke-9869

Also known by its Hokkien name ‘Mee Chiang Kueh’, the peanut pancake is a snack which has withstood the test of time. The spongy, airy and chewy exterior gives way to a highly savoury peanut filling. Taking a bite into this glorious, peanut-paste filled pastry is akin to taking a step back into Singapore’s humble history – where Singaporeans used to pop this little snack nearly everyday as breakfast.

Hardly would you find anyone queueing for a slice of Mee Chiang Kueh, but damn, do you know it’s good. And, do you know what would alleviate the slight oiliness left in your mouth after a particularly satisfying slice of Peanut Pancake? Looking for a satisfying drink to accompany your snack? A serving of Coke light® similarly goes without queuing too.

2. Fried Chicken Wings

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Don’t even get me started on Fried Chicken Wings; I can easily demolish 5 of them in one go, no problem. I can already imagine the cackling sound of the crispy fried skin giving way to tender and piping hot meat within – simply delicious! Well, you generally can’t go wrong with fried anything actually but one of my favourite indulgences would still be Chicken Wings.

Fried Chicken Wings can be sourced from nearly every corner in Singapore just like a widely available can of Coke®, so there probably will not be a queue when you head out to get yourself a few of these.

3. Takeaway Sushi Box

good food no queue coke-9872

For the time-pressed office workers, takeaway sushi boxes are basically God-sent. These can be consumed on the go and considering the sedentary nature of most 9 to 5 jobs, are a healthier option.

Since these boxes are usually ‘Grab and Go’, you’ll hardly find yourself having to queue when you are trying to get that sushi craving right in the middle of lunch break. Cravings for a quick drink with a kick can also be easily fixed when you grab a Coke along with a box of sushi to go. Coke light and a box of sushi would make the perfect, fast lunch.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies

good food no queue coke-9899

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone who does not fancy chocolate chip cookies – have you? Well, no matter if you’re a fan of the chewy kind of cookies or the slightly crunchier ones, chocolate chip cookies are always welcomed in any social occasions, as with a can of Coke light

These little goodies can be purchased from traditional bakeries or from supermarkets neatly packed already. Best of all? There’s usually no waiting time whatsoever involved to indulge in chocolate chip cookies or a can of ice-cold Coke light.

5. Curry Puff

good food no queue coke-9887

Curry Puffs: scrumptious pastry exterior with a generous portion of savoury filling within? Hell yes, I’ll take them any day and every day if I could. Other than the usual Chicken and Potatoes fillings, you can opt for some of the more exciting variations such as durian or even chilli crab. These tiny bombs of pleasure are the perfect snacks for soothing that grouchy old stomach of yours in the middle of the night.

If you head over to some of the numerous curry puff chains in Singapore, you probably won’t even have to wait to chow down on one of their freshly fried curry puffs. You’ll probably also want to grab some Coke light which is mostly conveniently sold in the same curry puff stall too.

6. Potato Chips

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Should you ever find myself going through with a diet, potato chips will probably be the one thing that will always bring me crashing down – I can never say no to a pack of chips! I can finish one whole pack of these by myself when I’m seated in front of a riveting show. And of course, you’ll never find me on a diet because potato chips can be grabbed from the shelves out of nearly every single convenience stores spread all around Singapore.

Queuing for some potato chips? Never going to happen. Those salty chips best go along with some sweet-tasting Coke light which you can grab as easily from the shelves together with your bag of chips.

7. Crispy Seaweed

good food no queue coke-9917

Similar to chips, these umami and dangerously addictive Crispy Seaweed can be bought off the shelves of nearly every convenience store. They can be bought even from traditional mama shops! Just grab a packet and go; you’ll be ready to stuff these delights into your mouth instantly.

Seaweed has been around in Singapore since we were young, just like Coke was, and it’s easy to see why we would crave these nostalgic foods even now.

8. Chocolate

good food no queue coke-9889

Chocolate: A woman’s best friend. Sometimes men’s, too – let’s not be sexist. Even though these never fail to cause break outs the next day I indulge in them, I still find that I go back to them day after day to get a quick energy fix. This sinful delight is just so easily available, it’s hard to say no.

When you want some quick indulgence and instant gratification, Coke can also give the similar uplift of emotions as Chocolate does.

9. Baos

good food no queue coke-9877

Now, if you’re craving for a snack which is a little more filling, Chinese Baos would be the way to go. Usually with a white flour exterior and fillings which are enough to substitute for your meals, Baos are usually my go-to when I am in a huge rush and in need of something quick but filling. Meat, seafood or even vegetables can be found within these delights.

Usually available in coffeeshops around the island, these traditional snacks are time-savers when you need a snack. Similarly to Baos, Coke is another item we’ve grown up with and seen in the same coffeeshops all over Singapore.

10. Cup Noodles

good food no queue coke-9923

Ah, cup noodles: every college student’s savior in the middle of the night when your stomach is growling. Quick and easy, all a cup of noodles needs to be cooked is just a steady stream of hot water and approximately 3 minutes of waiting time. While it isn’t particularly nutritious, it is an easy fix for a hungry stomach.

You also probably don’t even need to queue for this: just grab it off your pantry or from any convenience store and you’re good to go! The ultimate quick-fix pairing would be to have a Coke along with your cup noodles.

In can or bottle form, Coke can easily be brought back to where you want to consume your cup noodles then quickly opened for that spurt of caramel goodness that contrasts the cup noodle’s salty soup.Similar to all the 10 listed Singapore snacks above, having a Coke doesn’t require time to queue due to its wide availability, but you can be assured that the liquid inside every can and bottle will definitely be good given its 129 years of consistent reputation.

This article is brought to you in partnership with Coca-Cola®.