This Smoko Soap Dispenser will have you looking forward to handwashing

If you’ve been as taken by the Smoko Sanitising Box as my Editor-in-Chief, Zat, has, you’d be as pleased as he has found Smoko’s latest offering: the Pearl Boba Tea Soap Dispenser (US$65; approx. S$88.65).

Smoko has really jumped on the sanitising train, with these adorable designs that just compel you to keep clean.

Smoko Soap Dispenser Online 1

True to Smoko’s brand of combining functionality with cuteness, this Smoko Soap Dispenser features a pearl boba design that will remind you to keep your hands clean by sheer adorability. Just look at that blushing benign smile on the top—doesn’t it simply melt your heart?

Since the Smoko Soap Dispenser is still on its way to availability on the online shop, we’ll have to wait a bit before we can welcome it into our homes. Meanwhile, however, we can probably anticipate that the Smoko Soap Dispenser will be sensor-activated with a straightforward set-up.

Smoko Soap Dispenser Online 2

With a sensor-activated soap dispensing mechanism, this Smoko Soap Dispenser ensures even more hygiene by reducing the need for contact with it when you wash your hands.

Sounds like such an endearing must-have for your homeware collection. Not only does it add colour and charm to your home, it also maintains its practicality.

If you’re eager to get your hands on one as well, do remember to get yourself added to their mailing list to be the first to know when the Smoko Sanitising Box is available. Ahem, this is a PSA to you too, Zat.

Smoko Soap Dispenser Online 3

For those who can’t wait, though, interest yourself in Smoko’s other endearing items in their Pearl Boba Tea range. From the Pearl Boba Tea Ambient Light (US$18; approx. S$24.55) to the Pearl Boba Tea Vibrating Plush Chair (US$49; approx. S$66.83), there is a trove of bubbly home effects for you to choose from. They make for delightful gifts too, so it’s worth noting them down in your year-end shopping ideas.

You can also keep an eye out for the Smoko Soap Dispenser’s release on their Facebook and Instagram pages.