Whip up easy, quality meals with So Good K’s premium produce kits

While we can’t go out in more than two to a group currently when eating out, it can be tough to figure what to cook for the whole family every day. Even as someone who only has to cook for her and her fiancé, I struggle to think of what else I can do with just vegetables, protein, and rice. That’s where So Good K comes in to save on the arduous hassle of meal preps.

So Good K Mushroom Bulgogi Set
Credit – So Good K

Started by Olivia Lee—entrepreneur, food author, television host, and a professional chef—So Good K retails premium Korean lifestyle products, include Make-your-own Kits and pantry items that’ll help create delicious, fuss-free meals for everyone at home. I had a chance to try my hand at their Original Bulgogi and Spicy Mushroom Kit (S$135) that creates not one, but three different dishes. This kit contains ingredients and recipes for:

  • 1x Spicy mushroom and beef hotpot (Beoseot Jeongol)
  • 1x Bulgogi mushroom and beef stir-fry (Beoseot Bulgogi)
  • 1x Fresh kimchi (Geotjeri Kimchi)

Everything you need comes with the kit, so you won’t require additional vegetables or protein to complete your meal (unless you want to, which is, of course, completely up to you). As someone who seldom cooks lunch when working from home (mainly due to time constraints), I challenged myself to see how easy the meal kit was to prepare. I tried out only one of the recipes—the Bulgogi Mushroom—and cooked some rice to pair with it. It’s a popular Korean-style barbecued beef and mushroom dish translated into a stir-fry, for a quick meal that I managed to cook and prep, all under 30 minutes.

I barely needed to add any other ingredients or seasonings of my own, although I did use garlic confit and added crushed white pepper, to taste—because I’m extra like that.

So Good K Mushroom Bulgogi Set
Credit – So Good K

Need something a little heartier to feed the family? The kit also comes with sufficient ingredients for Spicy Mushroom Soup that’s best cooked and served hotpot-style. As I don’t have a hotpot for the table, the best alternative would be to cook this recipe in a small pot and transfer it to a serving bowl, if you wish.

That’s not all; quickly gather the last bits of produce in this kit to create stunning kimchi with sweet Korean napa cabbage. In fact, I can think of many other dishes the kimchi would pair with best, other than these delectable dishes. Get creative and pair any one of these easy-to-prepare dishes with your favourite family recipes and dig into a delightful feast any day, in the comfort of home.

Apart from meal kits, they also boast a variety of dried/preserved ingredients, sauces, jams, and condiments, as well as fresh produce. So Good K could very well be your next one-stop-shop for all Korean premium produce—and you won’t even have to leave the house to purchase them.

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