Tburu: Singapore Japanese Restaurant Review

“Simple, clean space and flavours”

Tburu orchard gateway emerald singapore

Tburu is located at Orchard Gateway Emerald, and to get to the restaurant you have to cross over via the bridge at level three from Orchard Gateway, walk through Crate & Barrel to find the lift, then take it to level five. It takes some effort to look for the restaurant, which is well worth when you reach Tburu.

Ever wanted a moment’s peace from your hectic, Singapore life? It seems like everywhere is crowded at almost anytime – on public transport, on roads, and especially during lunch hour at restaurants and food courts. The snaking queues, hard to find seats and the lack of space to even walk really builds my resolve to bear with my hunger until the crowd disperses.

If you feel as suffocated as I do during lunch hour in town, you will be glad to know that this is a place that you can dine at tranquilly.

Tburu singapore japanese restaurant

The entrance to Tburu was deceptively small. Past it is wide, clean space, and glass windows which allow the sunlight to stream in. I stepped outdoors for a bit and there was a pretty scenic view of the roads and nearby buildings.

Tburu Komamoto Tomato singapore

I was not yet done snapping photos of the view when I was called back for the beginning of the meal. But we started off with some delightful tomato slices which more than made up for it. The Komamoto Tomato ($18), served truffle salt, was sweet and juicy.

Tburu Iberico Buta Jaw singapore

Next was the Iberico Buta Jaw, or pork jaw ($18). It had crispy skin, flavourful meat with just a bit of fat, and is great when still hot. Spice it up by pairing it with some Japanese curry salt, which complements the pork well, or the seven-spice powder, which left a lingering kick on my tongue.

Tburu singapore Chirashi Don

Something a little healthier after the pork, we had the Chirashi Don (lunch set) ($38). While the portion was not as big as we have had at other places, the fish were fresh and the scallop, meaty. Tburu has their seafood flown over from Japan three times a week, so you can be sure of its quality.

Tburu Buta Cho (intestine) grill singapore

Buta Cho (intestine) grill ($10), or pork intestines, was daunting at first. I had never had it before, and my encounters with it were limited to when I ordered Kway Chap. When the dish arrived however, it was glistening and smelled delicious.

It was cleaned very well, and the taste of the intestine was not too strong. It was a bit chewy though, but chew away – it is not easy to find pork intestines which are cleaned and cooked well.

Tburu Buta Collar singapore

We also had a taste of the Buta Collar ($16), which was tender and tasty with the right amount of fat. The slightly charred pieces of meat were grilled wonderfully.

Tburu Kanpachi Carpaccio

The Kanpachi Carpaccio ($22), a popular dish, was interestingly addictive. The flavours of the truffle oil and salmon roe complemented one another mysteriously well, and I found myself unceremoniously slurping down one portion after another.

Tburu Truffle Hotate Chawanmushi singapore

Truffle Hotate Chawanmushi ($14), anyone? After having been to several restaurants, it seems like Chawanmushi is a staple of Japanese cuisine for Singaporeans. This version has truffle and soft, well-cooked scallops in it, a nice upgraded version of the familiar steamed egg.

Tburu Wagyu Beef Grill

Tburu Wagyu Beef Grill singapore

Beef lovers have to try out their Wagyu Beef Grill ($22), which was full of aroma. Good quality beef and rosemary is a classic pairing, and did not disappoint at Tburu. The succulent chunks of meat left me wanting more.

Tburu Aburi Sushi Platter (five kinds) singapore

A refreshing way to end our meal in Tburu was the Aburi Sushi Platter ($38), which comes with five types of fishes, which depends on the availability of the fish. We had the salmon belly, hirame with foie gras and shima aji.

The salmon belly with roe was my personal favourite. It had a literal melt-in-my-mouth softness, and was just savoury enough. The hirame and shima aji had more of a bite to them, but were equally good.

Tburu is a great restaurant, a quick way to get away from the hustle and bustle without going too far. The glass windows really give off a spacious sensation and the clean design makes the restaurant feel easy going and relaxing. And the food is great too.

Romantic date tip: Bring your significant other before the sun sets and watch the sky change its colour and the buildings light up. Enjoy a walk with some drinks right outside for a clear view, before going in for some great Japanese food.

Enjoy the peace while it lasts, because I am quite sure the restaurant will fill up soon.

Especially so with Tburu’s reasonably priced lunch sets, which start from $16, and their Omakase promotions. Until 30 September 2015, Tburu will be offering an amazing deal of Omakase lunch or dinner costing only $100 for two in conjunction with SG50.

Amazing view, great space, and delicious and affordable food – can I ask for more?

Expected damage: $50 – $80 per pax

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Tburu: Level 5, Orchard Gateway @ Emerald, 218 Orchard Road, Singapore 238851 | Tel: 6221 0004 | Website