Thai-licious Boat Noodles: Level 10 Tom Yam Egg Noodles, Boat Noodles & Thai Omelette Near Bugis

Most of us would know that Thai food isn’t just a fad or a trend, it’s here to stay. But when it comes to good Thai food, especially boat noodles, it sometimes falls short of my expectations.

With Thai-licious Boat Noodles newly opened at Liang Seah Street in Bugis, we decided to try it, hoping it’ll meet our expectations.

To me, a good bowl of Thai boat noodles would need just the right amount of herbs and spices for a perfect broth.

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This humble store might be hidden amongst the various hotpot stores on Liang Seah Street. But you’ll want to search hard for it, because it’ll be a pity to miss out on their delicious boat noodles and other Thai dishes.

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We jumped straight into trying their Thai Boat Noodles (S$1.90++/small, S$7.50++/large). 

At Thai-licious Boat Noodles, apart from the regular size, they offer mini bowls so that customers can try both the beef and pork options. The bones are boiled for hours over medium heat, fully extracting the beef and pork flavours for a concentrated broth.

With the addition of various spices, including galangal, lemongrass, cinnamon and kaffir lime leaves, you can expect the broth to have a full and robust body with earthy notes.

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My favourite version was definitely the Pork Boat Noodles (S$7.50++). 

The dish as a whole was strong-flavoured and piquant but each ingredient retained its own unique taste too. Even with so many different flavours, it wasn’t too overwhelming.

Apart from the rich broth that had a pronounced cinnamon aroma, the bowl was filled with tender sliced pork, pork balls and springy rice noodles. The sliced pork had a subtle sweetness and a slightly gamey flavour. On the other hand, the pork balls were bouncy and had a refreshing bite to it, adding more texture to the dish.

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Apart from their delicious boat noodles, Thai-licious offer a variety of other Thai food. We tried the Papaya Salad (S$10++) to cleanse our palate.

I am not a fan of young papaya due to the usual raw taste, but the papaya slices here were well-seasoned and topped with crushed nuts, chilli padi and a squeezed of lime, delivering a spicy and vinegary punch that brought out the natural sweetness of the papaya.

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Another signature dish from Thai-licious is the Fried Thai Omelette (S$6/plain, S$8/with pork, S$10/with prawn). 

Thai-licious prides itself in their meticulous preparation of this omelette dish.

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The eggs are fried at optimal heat with a just the right amount of oil, resulting in a fluffy omelette with a crispy exterior. Despite the amount of oil used to achieve its texture, the omelette wasn’t greasy and was surprisingly light on the palate.

I had mine with pork and the egg was infused with the sweetness of the meat, resulting in a blend of sweet and salty flavours in each mouthful. I enjoyed this dish very much and recommend you savour it with a bowl of warm rice.

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Of course, no Thai restaurant is complete without a good bowl of Tomyam Soup (S$12++). Even with the minimal addition of coconut milk, the tom yum soup was rich and creamy. The paste is an in-house blend that has stronger tangy notes as compared to other tom yum soups.

Served with a generous portion of fresh seafood, this tom yum soup is worth every cent you’re paying for. From tangy to spicy, it hits all the right notes of what a tom yum soup should be!

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Here’s a bonus for all the spicy lovers out there: Thai-licious Boat Noodles offers Level 10 Tomyam Egg Noodles (S$7.50++). We were actually very sceptical of how spicy it could be because it wasn’t devil red nor did it have chilli padi swimming in it.

As harmless as it looks, the bowl of Level 10 Tomyam Egg Noodles was tongue-numbing and left us panting from the spiciness.

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To soothe the spiciness, we quickly ordered Thai-licious Boat Noodles’ signature Thai Milk Tea (S$2.80++) and Thai Milk Green Tea (S$2.80++). Their milk teas are freshly brewed in-house every day to ensure it is of high quality.

To achieve the strong green tea taste of the Thai Milk Green Tea, the chef boils the tea leaves before drying them out, then finally blending it into the milk tea.

If you’re ever around Bugis and in need of a Thai food fix, head over to Thai-licious Boat Noodles for a bowl of delicious boat noodles. Or even take it up a notch, with their Level 10 Tom Yam Egg Noodles!

Expected Damage: S$10 – S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Thai-licious Boat Noodles

8 Liang Seah Street, #01-01, Singapore 189029

Our Rating 3/5

Thai-licious Boat Noodles

8 Liang Seah Street, #01-01, Singapore 189029

Telephone: +65 6917 9857
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6917 9857

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)