The Entertainer 1 Month Member: $19 for Hundreds of 1-for-1 Dining Vouchers

entertainer singapore 1 month membership

As some of the readers of my blog know, I’m an avid fan of The Entertainer and also one of their brand ambassadors. But I don’t just support random brands; I support brands that I believe in. Currently there is an irresistible $19, 1 month membership offer going on that you can’t miss. 

As an avid restaurant go-er, I can assure you that The Entertainer App is something worth getting. So what is The Entertainer?

Originating from Dubai, The Entertainer Singapore is packed with over a thousand buy one get one free offers for Singapore’s hottest restaurants, bars, informal dining, spas, activities, attractions and more.

With 3 vouchers per merchant, you can visit participating restaurants more than just once or include your family and friends in the 1-for-1 fun. The Entertainer Singapore 2014 could save you hundreds each month.

Some of the featured awesome merchants include: Au Petit Salut, Senso, Fat Cow, Bedrock, The Prime Society, Kinki, The White Rabbit and The Disgruntled Chef, along with a whole lot more dang good restaurants in Singapore.

The full app costs $95, but all vouchers expire by this year end. Some might think that it’s a bit ‘bo hua’ if there’s only a few months left. But if you dine out regularly, say at least twice a month, in any of their participating 1-for-1 restaurants, I guarantee you make back you money in at most 4 dinners. 

HOWEVER, The Entertainer has come up with a solution as well: A One Month Membership priced at $19.

The one month membership is officially priced at $19 and it gives a consumer full access for 1 month to the annual product except for the travel offers but now, with’s unique promo code, it can be purchased at just $15.

Sorry guys, my 20% offer was too good and some merchants were complaining about it, so now you can only get it at $19. At $19 it’s still a good deal, let me explain.

The math is damn simple. If you dine at any restaurant listed under the app which has a main course priced more than $19, you instantly save money by purchasing this $19 app. Buy a $40 main course using The Entertainer’s 1-for-1 voucher, and you save $40 – $19 = $21 just like that. And on the next meal, it’s pure savings.

If you are not utilizing this app, you are losing out big time to dine at some of the finest restaurants in Singapore at a steal.

In addition ,if you upgrade to the full product within the month, the money you paid is discounted from the price of the annual product (e.g. $95 – $19 = SG$80), plus you also get access to the additional travel offers.

This offers you a less risky trial to experience the Entertainer before committing to the full product.

For more information on how The Entertainer works and how to purchase, read my full step by step article here.