The Queen’s Grill, Serangoon: Western food so good, even the royals will approve

I enjoy fancy candlelight dinners in steakhouses over sips of wine, but more often than not, I find myself clad in slippers and shorts relishing in old-school Western delights found in the comforts of my neighbourhood. Somehow these rustic plates of meat sprawled over french fries and canned baked beans, to me, seems to be much more attractive than most of the intricately plated dishes. Call me a commoner—this I will not deny.

Exterior of the queen's grill

It has been some time since I’ve been on the search for good neighbourhood Western food, and on a recent trip home, a hawker stall managed to catch my eye. Decked in a gorgeous combination of blues and browns, The Queen’s Grill exuded a sleek, modern vibe similar to that of a grill kiosk usually found overseas. 

Situated along Serangoon North Avenue 1, right across Serangoon Garden Secondary School, this year-old hawker stall serves up an array of Western delights with their signature dishes being a good ol’ plate of Grilled Chicken and Tiger Fish & Chips—now, sign me up already. 

What I tried

A plate of The Queen’s Grill’s Grilled Chicken

Well-loved by students and residents living around the area is The Queen’s Grill’s Grilled Chicken (S$7.50), a quintessential dish representative of most hawker Western food stalls. Here, the charred surface of the Grilled Chicken gave way to a thin layer of fat that was on the verge of melting into the meat below. 

A plate of The Queen’s Grill’s Grilled Chicken with black pepper sauce

Soft and undeniably tender, the chicken itself had an uncommon depth of flavour and tension. However, it was ultimately the umami-rich, black pepper sauce that brought the entire dish together. It performed as a reliable supporting role on the plate with a hit of savouriness and a touch of heat that complemented the juicy cut of chicken. 

A plate of Queen Ribeye Steak

The Queen Ribeye Steak was a powerful and dramatic plate for just S$16.80. Weighing in at a whopping 200g – 230g, this chilled ribeye steak was well worth its weight in gold.

A slice of Queen Ribeye Steak

Cooked to a perfect medium-rare, every bit of the ribeye steak was as succulent and exclusive as it sounds. Elevating the brilliance of this dish was a coating of The Queen’s Grill’s special compound herb butter that was texturally sinful to the lips making every bite a poetic mouthful that is all sorts of savoury and flavoursome. 

Meltingly tender and bursting with its natural flavours, the Queen Ribeye Steak is the real deal; a dish I would choose to have over that of a famous steakhouse any day. 

A plate of Tiger Fish & Chips

The Queen’s Grill sizzles up a stellar, elevated version of the classic fish and chips in the form of their Tiger Fish & Chips (S$8.80). Generously coated in tiger beer batter are thick fillets of Pacific Dory fried to a gorgeous golden brown served alongside a combination of tangy, fresh coleslaw and a handful of crisp fries. 

A cut of Tiger Fish & Chips

Probably my favourite dish of the entire meal, I particularly enjoyed the Tiger Fish & Chips for its satisfying crunch, all without being overly greasy or dry. Its golden brown battered coating shattered between my teeth, revealing a delicious contrast of moist inside and crunchy outside.

The dish was further enlivened with a serving of light and fluffy tartare sauce that harmoniously blends the fresh sweetness of the dory fillet together with the slight acidity of the creamy sauce—complex yet intricate at the same time. 

A plate of Mushroom Chicken Baked Rice

Elsewhere, The Queen’s Grill also serves a porcelain bowl of Mushroom Chicken Baked Rice (S$7.50). Freshly pulled from the oven, my bowl of baked rice was creamy to a fault, attributed to the buttery bechamel sauce in which the rice was soaked.  

A shot of Mushroom Chicken Baked Rice's cheese pull

The dish was made all the more luscious with a thick layer of mozzarella, melted to produce the perfect camera-worthy cheese pull. A scoop full of rice and cheese together with a piece of the well-seasoned bite-sized chicken made this dish wholly satisfying—great for kids and especially adults whose inner child still gleefully celebrates moments like these.

The Queen’s Grill also takes huge pride in its Japanese fusion dishes. Their Spicy Soy Cutlet Donburi (S$10.90) and Yakiniku Beef Olio (S$8) come along as must-try items.

A bowl of Spicy Soy Cutlet Donburi

Crowning the top of the rice and an array of mixed vegetables on the Spicy Soy Cutlet Donburi are slices of fried chicken cutlet that were crisp around the surface. Served alongside the donburi is a wickedly potent chilli sauce that is as addictive as it is fiery. If you are looking for a healthy option that consists of the perfect ratio of vegetables to protein, this will surely be a great option. 

A plate of The Queen's Grill's Yakiniku Beef Olio

Rounding up my meal at The Queen’s Grill was their Yakiniku Beef Olio. As compared to the earlier dishes, this was much lighter on my stomach. Here, each strand of pasta was delightfully coated with olive oil, combining the best of aglio olio and stir-fried yakiniku beef. The noodles retained a subtle whiff of garlic that is slightly pungent, yet beautifully so, making for the ideal pairing alongside the sweet-savoury thinly sliced yakiniku beef.

Final thoughts

A table full of The Queen's Grill's dishes

Hearty, fuss-free, and highly satisfying—that’s the impression which The Queen’s Grill has left on me. From a fine cut of steak to a comforting rice bowl, there’s surely something for everyone. At its heart, the dishes here comfort the soul and generously fill the tummy and without a shadow of a doubt, this will be a place I’m sure I will frequent, time and time again. 

Expected damage: S$7.80 – S$16.80 per pax

*This post is in partnership with Queen’s Grill.

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

The Queen’s Grill

Block 107 Serangoon North Avenue 1, #01-671 , Singapore 550107

Our Rating 4/5

The Queen’s Grill

Block 107 Serangoon North Avenue 1, #01-671 , Singapore 550107

Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Daily)