The Wall: Break Down The Wall Between Whisky & Sumiyaki At This Bar Along Tanjong Pagar Road

Last Updated: March 17, 2017

Written by Nicholas Chia

The Wall (1)

A unique find along Tanjong Pagar Road, The Wall pairs whisky and Japanese sumiyaki for a one-of-a-kind experience. Regardless of whether you’re a whisky newbie or connoisseur, The Wall has something for everyone.

The Wall (2)

Step into the bar and you’ll find that The Wall has kept to the original architecture, from the walls to the ceiling and beams. With its rustic charm and modern decor, who wouldn’t want to get a drink here?

The Wall offers over 120 types of whisky by glass, from different parts of the world including Japan, India and Taiwan. The folks at The Wall aim to tear down the “wall” between food and whisky in order to make the spirit accessible to everyone.

For the connoisseurs and collectors, The Wall features some limited edition whiskies that are worth checking it. All the whiskies are brought in from independent bottlers at cask strength, so don’t expect Johnnie Walker or Jack Daniel’s here.

Aside from straight whisky, the bar also serves whisky-centric cocktails and food items to complement your encounter with the “water of life”.

The Wall (8)

To kick start our experience, we tried the Fugu Mirin Bushi With Spicy Mayonnaise ($25). The star of the dish, the dehydrated fugu (pufferfish), was chewy, sweet and savoury, which was delicious when eaten with the mayonnaise.

It wasn’t as weird as it sounds; just think of it as a fish jerky of sorts. It was our first time trying fugu, and we were pleasantly surprised. You won’t find this elusive delicacy in many restaurants, so have a try when you’re at The Wall.

The Wall (9)

For something less fishy, try the Miso Nachos ($8) which consist of regular tortilla chips served with a minced beef topping that you can spoon onto the chips. Although the beef was tasty, we felt that it could do with more miso, as the flavour of the shiro miso was lost.

The Wall (14)

Moving on to the main event, the East Meets West Whisky Flight ($37) was a flight of four different whiskies from different parts of the world. The four whiskies were the Auchentoshan Three Wood ($25 per glass), the Les Moissons ($18 per glass), the Yamazaki Distiller Reserve ($20 per glass) and the Kavalan Single Malt ($18 per glass).

For us, the standouts were the Kavalan Single Malt, which was perfumed by fruity and floral notes and the Auchentoshan Three Wood which had an oaky and intense flavour.

The Wall (16)

The whiskies can get a little strong, so request for one of the droppers filled with distilled water and add a few drops to your glass for a milder taste.

The Wall (21)

To complement your whisky flight, get the Sumiyaki Pairing (additional $12) which is served as a platter of four sticks. Each stick pairs with one of the whiskies, so follow the order and you’re good to go.

The platter is pre-selected and comes with the Tebasaki (Chicken Wing) ($5 per stick), Kashiwa Chicken Thigh ($6 per stick), Tsukune (Chicken Meatball) ($6 per stick) and Negima (Chicken with Leek) ($6 per stick). 

Our favourite was the Tsukune as it contained cartilage along with the minced chicken. This added an interesting crunch, which was unlike other Tsukunes that we’ve tried before.

The Wall (17)

Still feeling peckish? Try the Miso Nasu ($6), which is essentially grilled eggplant with a miso sauce. The miso resulted in an umami flavour that complemented the smokiness and char of the eggplant well.

The bonito flakes sprinkled on top also added additional savouriness that made the dish really enjoyable.

The Wall (19)

Before you leave, try the Hotate Bacon ($9) which is a skewer of Hokkaido scallops wrapped in bacon. The sweetness of the scallops paired well with the smokiness and saltiness of the bacon, ensuring that each bite was sufficiently balanced.

Our time at The Wall allowed us to broaden our knowledge on whisky as well as learn how different whiskies pair with different types of food. We were brought on a journey of whisky exploration which culminated in an enjoyable experience that we highly recommend.

Expected Damage: $50 per person

The Wall: 76 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088497 | Opening Hours: (Mon to Thurs) 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 1am, (Fri & Sat) 6pm – 1am | Tel: +65 6225 7988 | Website

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