Plant-based chicken, TiNDLE, flocks to 11 restaurants in Singapore come 18 March

It looks like the plant-based movement is on the rise and here to stay, with the latest to join the family, TiNDLE. Made entirely from plant proteins, TiNDLE recreates everything one enjoys about chicken—its taste, texture, and versatility. From 18 March 2021, 11 restaurants across the island will celebrate the launch of this plant-based bird, including Three Buns, Bayswater Kitchen, The GoodBurger, Love Handle Burgers, 28 HongKong Street, and Levant.

If you’re curious about TiNDLE’s nutritional profile, it carries an impressive 17g of protein per 100g, with zero GMO and zero antibiotics or hormones. There’s also none of that sneaky cholesterol, if you’re watching your health. It also boasts a usage of 74% less land for “harvesting”, along with 82% less water usage—all amazing feats, if you ask me. And because TiNDLE “meat” is easily adaptable, there’s less opportunity for wastage; simply shape the protein however you like before marinating, and it takes on beautifully to an array of cooking styles, such as deep-frying, grilling, pan-frying, and plenty more.

To Russia With Love TiNDLE burger Messy cut of To Russia With Love TiNDLE burger

I had a chance to get a first bite of Three Buns’ creations by Group Executive Chef, Adam Penney, starting with To Russia With Love (S$20), a heartfelt take on a chicken kiev burger that he’s been working for almost two decades. His idea has come to fruition in this delicious mess of TiNDLE breadcrumbed and stuffed with roasted garlic, miso, parsley butter with pickled onions, and truffle aioli, which could’ve fooled me if I wasn’t aware that it isn’t chicken at all!

It’s amazing how the familiar fibrous texture of chicken is kept, although there’s a slight resistance and chew present—even if close to negligible.

The Big Cease TiNDLE burger

Side profile shot of The Big Cease TiNDLE burger

The Big Cease (S$19) is even better at fooling me for succulent, fried chicken patties with buttermilk TiNDLE, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, lettuce, and anchovy mayonnaise. I struggled to pick a favourite between the two, so if you’re in a pickle, order both and split the deliciousness with your friends.

I’ve had my fair experience with plant-based meats of late, and over time, I’m more and more impressed by how close to the real deal these meat-free alternatives are. Even if you proclaim to be a hardcore meat-eater, I’m sure a taste or two will soon convince you that plant-based meals have a place in your diet. As for me, I’ve introduced more plant-based meats into my kitchen, and I can hardly taste the difference—but, really, it’s Mother Earth who benefits the most.

Date & Time: TiNDLE menu items will be available at 11 restaurants from 18 March 2021

Price: Dependent on restaurant