Tipo: Halal Handmade Garlic, Lemon & More Flavour-Infused Pasta Near Bugis

Throughout the years, I’ve developed a liking for authentic Italian dishes and places that make their own ravioli. So when I chanced upon Tipo, a halal pasta bar along North Bridge Road that serves their own handmade pasta, I was really excited.

Tipo 15

With a pretty pastel concept, the restaurant stood out amongst the other stores. It’s almost impossible to miss the restaurant while walking by North Bridge Road.

Tipo 5

What makes Tipo stands out, even more, is their artisanal flavoured pasta. Chef and owner Sufi, infuses it with flavours like garlic, lemon and even beetroot, ensuring that their pasta has its own distinct taste.

Tipo’s concept also allows customers to design their own pasta dishes, from the pasta type and flavours to its sauces (S$9.90++/regular, S$12++/grande). You can also choose add additional toppings for S$2++ – S$3++ each.

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The first combination we had was the Black Pepper Fettuccine in Beef Ragu topped with Ricotta Cheese (S$12.90++). A regular portion would be just nice for me, though if you’re a slightly bigger eater, you can get the Grande.

The al dente black pepper fettuccine coated in the thick Beef Ragu sauce was a perfect combination.

Tipo 19

Upon taking a bite of the pasta, I noticed a pronounced sweetness of the ragu. With the addition of ricotta cheese, the pasta became creamier and saltier. Tipo created their fettuccine with a subtle pepperiness which brings out spicy notes in the dish.

This would definitely be a good combination, if you’re looking for a comforting dish to fill up your belly.

Tipo 16

For a more adventurous option, we got the Lemon Dill Spaghetti Aglio with Butter Escargot & Sous Vide Egg (S$14.90++). The escargot was fresh, but they are definitely an acquired taste.

Infused with dill and lemon, the pasta was herbaceous yet refreshing, which was quite pleasing to the palate. In addition, tossing it with olive oil and garlic slices created a buttery finish.

Tipo 18

The final pasta dish, the Beetroot Garlic Fusilli with Alfredo, topped with King Oyster Mushroom & Black Truffle Paste (S$15.90++), was our favourite. The beetroot gave the fusilli a slight pink colour, and it had a smoky garlic fragrance as well.

Stirred with the Black Truffle Paste, the dish had a distinct fragrant and earthy taste. Together with the fusilli covered with sweet alfredo sauce, the dish had a rather complex taste.

What I love most about this dish was the addition of the firm and velvety texture of the oyster mushrooms, which balances out the soft pasta with a contrasting texture and its umami flavour, transforming it into a more palatable dish.

Tipo 7

Tipo’s take on the Eggplant Parmesan (S$6++) comes with a battered eggplant in pomodoro sauce. Chef Sufi chooses to deep fry the eggplant, giving the dish more of a crunchy texture than the usual eggplant parmesan dishes.

Though covered with batter, the eggplant within retained its juiciness. The pomodoro sauce oozed out when I bit into the eggplant, and notes of savoury earthiness filled my mouth. It was light on the palate and came in a small serving, so it’s perfect for two to share.

Tipo’s pasta dishes look like a home-cooked meal and brought about a sense of comfort. Yet when you’re indulging in a plate of freshly tossed and handmade flavoured pasta, you’ll taste the uniqueness of the dish that can’t be found elsewhere.

If you’re up for Italian food with a slight twist, Tipo is the place to go.

Expected Damage: S$15 – S$20 per pax 

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


785 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198753

Our Rating 4/5


785 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198753

Operating Hours: 12noon - 10pm (Sun - Thu), 12noon - 11pm (Fri & Sat)

Operating Hours: 12noon - 10pm (Sun - Thu), 12noon - 11pm (Fri & Sat)
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