Tom Yum Kungfu: Singapore Mookata Review

“Quirky retro-pop Thai restaurant”

tomyum kungfu serangoon garden

After their success at Boat Quay, Tom Yum Kungfu has finally opened their second branch at an area with an equally bustling nightlife – Serangoon Gardens. Not just dinner, Mookata is now also available during lunch period. Their restaurants have a significant individualistic style.

It is a wonderful place for a family meal or friends to congregate for some authentic Thai cuisine and bask in catchy Thai pop tunes blasting in the background.

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tomyum kungfu interior

Every nook and cranny is tastefully decorated, from the retro wall decor to the old school Fanta bottles at the counter station. Even the neon lights added vibrancy to their already quirky charm.

tomyum kungfu pomelo salad

Pomelo Salad ($9). Overall, a very citrusy and nutty combination which I found it pretty complex dish for an appetizer. A great alternative from the usual Thai mango salad.

tomyum kungfu prawn cake

Thai Prawn Cake ($8). Piping hot from the deep fryer, the prawn cake filling is very flavorful and juicy, deriving great satisfaction from each bite.

tomyum kungfu fried kang kong

Deep Fried Kang Kong ($13). An interesting rendition of a kangkong dish. A special mayonnaise sauce to dip the light and crisp batter into, this dish is strangely addictive.

tomyum kungfu mookata

The main highlight – BBQ Steamboat set ($39.90, serves 2/3 pax). Comes in a standard set of pork, pork belly, scallops, prawns, fishcake and assorted vegetable basket. You could top up for a $46.90 set that serves tiger prawns and Thai Mama instant noodles. Their clear broth is boiled from vegetables, pork bones and crabs.

A rather light broth but with satisfying umami and seafood sweetness. They use charcoal as their fuel.

tomyum kungfu meat platter mookata

Prawns weren’t available so we were compensated with more meat. I found the meat succulent and well marinated. They weren’t sized too chunky with the constant risk of meat falling into the moat of broth. The scallops and fish cake were ordinary, not much of seafood to rave about from their standard Mookata set.

tomyam kungfu meat

Chicken Thigh ($8). Served together in a quail egg sesame oil concoction. It is to prevent the meat from sticking to the grill and of course to enhance the flavor and tenderness of the meat.

tomyam kungfu chili

There are two special chilli sauces provided for their Mookata. Each Thai restaurant has their own secret recipe for chilli sauce, Tom Yum Kungfu included. One is suitable for dipping seafood, while the other is for meat. It ultimately depends on your own preference, whether you like sharp spices that pack a punch or a more garlicky savory chilli.

tomyam kungfu

Homemade Fish Paste ($9). An intriguing presentation of the bamboo equipment used to hold the fish paste. Scrap spoonfuls of fish paste and boil it in the steamboat. Definitely a must try from the ala-carte menu.

tomyum kungfu

Tom Yum Kungfu is one of the few casual dining restaurants that made effort in creating a dynamic atmosphere, giving their diners a rather unique experience. Not only do thy provide quality Thai food and mookata, they have this charming personality that appeal very much to the wide masses.

Expected Damage: $25-$40 per pax

Tom Yum Kungfu: 56 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555952 | Website

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