Top Paddock: Massive Ricotta Hotcakes From Famous Instagrammable Cafe In Melbourne, Australia

When one thinks of Melbourne, Australia, Instagrammable cafes and hipster coffee spots often come to mind.

It’s no surprise that when you visit Melbourne, it’s totally customary to go cafe-hopping.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 3

Of all the cafes, there is one which is particularly popular amongst tourists and locals alike.

I’m referring to none other than Top Paddock.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 2

Located along Church Street, the cafe is just a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Royal Botanical Garden.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 7

Now, if you’ve heard of Top Paddock, chances are you’ve also heard about their best-selling dish, the Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcake (AUD$23)

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 11

Its hefty price tag intimidated me a little, I’ll be honest. However, it was the sheer massive size of the dish which had me utterly speechless.

The plate on which they served the hotcake was larger than my face, but that’s not all.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 8

The depth of the plate (and hence the thickness of the hotcake) was about an inch thick! It’s no wonder they took so long to prepare the dish.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 10

Vibrant and captivating, the colours on the plate got us very excited to dig into the hotcake.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 17

We could immediately identify several different fruits, seeds and grains scattered all over the hotcake.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 9

A dollop of cream and a drizzle of maple syrup then completed the dish.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 20

To our delight, the hotcake itself was as soft as a pillow.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 26

There were pockets of ricotta cheese within it, which oozed subtle savoury notes with every bite.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 25

Not only that, but there was an abundance of blueberries too. Most of them had melted in the process of baking, making them delightfully gooey.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 23

The seeds and grains gave a satisfying crunch in every bite as well. Their nutty flavours helped to cut through the admittedly rather sweet dish. 

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 19

However, the hotcake itself was rather dense, which made it super cloying. I was struggling to even finish half of this massive hotcake!

That said, if you’re planning to get this dish, make sure you have someone to share it with. The sweetness can get overwhelming after a while.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 13

We also couldn’t resist the temptation and got the Buttermilk Waffle (AUD$21) too.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 12

The black hue of the waffles caught us off guard since we were expecting it to be golden-brown as waffles usually are.

That said, though, Top Paddock managed to impress us with their plating again.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 18

Despite the dull hue of the waffles, the bright, colourful and edible flowers and fruits provided a good contrast.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 14

Completing the dish was a hearty dollop of double whipped cream — the perfect indulgent topping.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 21

The waffle had a delightfully crunchy crust which broke into a soft and fluffy interior.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 22

However, we felt it really lacked the milky and buttery goodness that we expected of a buttermilk waffle.

As such, the waffle was actually rather bland.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 15

Fortunately, the luscious caramel sauce managed to bring some notes of sweetness to this dish. Together with the acidity from the lemon curd, these definitely made the waffle more palatable, I’ll tell you that!

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 6

Oh and make sure you don’t leave Top Paddock without having a cuppa too. They serve up a rich and velvety Latte (AUD$4.20) that’s perfect for washing down all the sweetness.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 5

If you don’t already know, the Latte is one of the locals’ top three favourite types of coffee. You can be sure that Top Paddock brews a mean cup of latte.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 4

Perhaps my expectations were a little too high, but the food at Top Paddock didn’t really live up to the hype. But if you’re planning to meet with some friends over a cuppa in Melbourne, this is a suitable place.

Top Paddock Melbourne Australia 1

The minimalist decor and cool ambience made for an overall pleasant dining experience. Not only that, but the naturally bright space and surrounding lush greenery will also make your photos really pop.

Expected Damage: AUD$4.20 – AUD$26.50 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Top Paddock

658 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121, Australia

Our Rating 3/5

Top Paddock

658 Church Street, Richmond, Victoria 3121, Australia

Telephone: +61 3 9429 4332
Operating Hours: 7am - 4pm (Mon - Fri), 8am - 4pm (Sat - Sun)
Telephone: +61 3 9429 4332

Operating Hours: 7am - 4pm (Mon - Fri), 8am - 4pm (Sat - Sun)
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