6 New Dining Spots At The Newly-Renovated 111 Somerset Mall You Must Try!

111 Somerset mall at Somerset has come a long way from being the old Singapore Power building a few decades ago. It has undergone a few rounds of renovation over the last few years, with the most recent round finishing early this year.

111 Somerset now offers quite a wide selection of food and beverage options, some of which are exclusive to this brand-new mall.

Check out our list of these six new dining places if you’re ever in the Somerset area and are looking for someplace to eat!

1.  Green Ba

Green Ba‘s store in 111 Somerset is actually its second branch, while the first outlet is located in Marina Square.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 1

When I first heard that it was a vegetarian restaurant, I honestly did not have very high expectations. But to my surprise, Green Ba really blew my mind with the quality and taste of the food served.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 6

I had the Supreme Bowl (S$10.90) which was absolutely amazing. I would come back here just to have this massive salad bowl that is filled to the brim with generous servings of avocados, tomatoes, lettuce, almonds, carrots and raisins.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 12

I loved the zesty lemon and chia seed sauce that you can drizzle over the Supreme Bowl—it made everything taste amazing.

Another bonus is how perfectly Instagrammable this bowl is, with how colourful it looks.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 5

I also tried the Truffle Aglio Olio (S$18.90) which was done pretty well. The pasta was cooked al dente and had the right amount of bite to it.

The truffle aroma was extremely fragrant and punchy since they were quite generous with the amount of truffle used in this dish.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 4

Green Ba has not cut any corners here—on top of using truffle oil, they have actually incorporated actual truffles into the dish.

Well, I say “incorporated”, but it’s actually a major component (as much as the mushrooms) rather than a garnish. This dish might be a little pricey but if you’re a diehard truffle fan, this is the one you need to try.

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 10

Lastly, I had the Blue Pea Chicken with Lavender Bun (S$11.90) which was quite interesting. Green Ba serves up different buns that come in different colours; I opted for the lavender one which was actually a pale blue. You can go for the Beetroot Bun if you want a red bun!

Green Ba Tripleone Somerset 11

The flavours are a little muted in this burger compared to fast food joints, but it’s certainly clean-tasting. The mellow cheese pairs nicely with the crunchy “chicken”.

My mind was blown when the owner informed me that the “chicken” here is actually made from mushrooms and soybeans! It really tasted like real meat, and had the same consistency. Watch out, Impossible Meats!

Green Ba: #01-18 | Tel: +65 6909 5331 | Opening Hours: 11am – 9.30pm (Daily) | Facebook | Website

2. Rebel Gurl

Rebel Gurl, recently opened in 111 Somerset, might seem like a sandwich shop on paper, but it stands for much more than that.

Rebel Gurl Co 8 Tripleone Somerset

Beyond offering what I’d call “modernised” banh mi, Rebel Gurl prides itself on being an inclusive and equitable launchpad for young entrepreneurs, as well as a community space for the local music scene.

Rebel Gurl Co 1 Tripleone Somerset

We tried a few of the sandwiches that Rebel Gurl offers and were thoroughly impressed. I absolutely loved the baguette bread that’s baked in-house. Despite having a satisfyingly crunchy exterior, the baguette had an airy and chewy interior.

Rebel Gurl Co 6

The Rebel Boss (S$8.90) was my favourite. It’s a reinterpretation of the classic Vietnamese banh mi, and featured a chicken patty, chicken pate, chicken ham as well as sausage. The savoury and full-bodied meats complemented each other really well, and when paired with the freshly-baked baguette, resulted in a sandwich I couldn’t stop eating.

Rebel Gurl Co 4 Tripleone Somerset

My dining companion really enjoyed the Asian Po Boy (S$8.90), and I could see why after a single bite.

Rebel Gurl Co 7

The perfectly-battered shrimp was firm and succulent, pairing well with the tangy Rebel Sauce that is used for all the sandwiches here. Citrusy and refreshing coriander leaves rounded off the sandwich, which was a nice touch.

Rebel Gurl Co 3 Tripleone Somerset

Rebel Gurl also has a vegan-friendly Vegan H.A.L.T. (S$7.50) sandwich that stood out with a base of chunky avocado salsa. The buttery and rich avocado was a really good addition to the sandwich and went well with the spices used in the Quorn Spicy Patty.

I really appreciated how the vegan options here tasted every bit as good as the ones catered to meat-lovers.

Rebel Gurl Co 2 Tripleone Somerset

Rebel Gurl has shaped up to be an affordable Subway alternative I would turn to any day. Make sure to come down try out these amazing sandwiches when you are in the area!

Rebel Gurl: #01-08 Opening Hours: 8.30am – 9pm (Daily) | Instagram | Website

3.  A Poke Theory

A Poke Theory has opened its new flagship store at 111 Somerset, so you can dig into your favourite healthy poke bowl at a more convenient and central location.

I really liked the all-new concept shown in the flagship outlet (soon to be rolled out at all branches island-wide). It’s definitely somewhere I would like to have a great meal and catch-up with my friends!

A Poke Theory Tripleone Somerset 3

For those who have not tried this delightful, homegrown brand, A Poke Theory specialises in Hawaiian Poke Bowls.

Customers get to customise their own bowls: choose from a base of slightly spicy signature sushi rice or zesty lemon herb quinoa, or romaine lettuce if you want to skip the carbs.

A Poke Theory Tripleone Somerset 2

A Poke Theory also offers five types of marinated fish: Original Shoyu Salmon, Avocado Miso Salmon, Spicy Mayo Salmon, Spicy Garlic Sesame Tuna and Original Shoyu Tuna. I had the Original Shoyu Tuna and Original Shoyu Salmon, and was impressed with the freshness of the fish, as well as the delectable pairing of shoyu.

The topping selection is also equally exciting and colourful, with sweet cherry tomatoes, honey pineapple, edamame and tobiko (flying fish roe) amongst the available options. In fact, go big or go home should probably be the motto when ordering at A Poke Theory.

The incredible variety of premium toppings here complement the healthy, clean-tasting poke bowls perfectly, and will certainly have you coming back to try them all out.

A Poke Theory Tripleone Somerset 1

Generously topped with a complimentary heaping of furikake, nori flakes as well as sesame seeds, A Poke Theory creates a balanced, nutritious and healthy meal for every customer that comes in. What’s not to love?

A Poke Theory: #01-04 | Tel: +65 6904 8189 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Facebook | Website

4.  Glyph Supply Co.

Glyph Supply Co. is a newly opened, third-wave speciality coffee joint nestled inside 111 Somerset.

Glyph Supply Co Tripleone Somerset 1

Located in the heart of town, this co-roasting space is often frequented by the coffee connoisseurs of Singapore, so you know it must be good.

Glyph Supply Co Tripleone Somerset 3

The team at Glyph Supply Co. sources their beans directly from farms from all over the world. They roast the beans in-house, with a sleek-looking machine located in the corner of the store.

Glyph Supply Co Tripleone Somerset 2

When I went down, there were beans from Columbia, as well the super-rare Bernadina coffee varietal that grows exclusively in El Salvador. To put it into perspective, there were only ten kilograms of Bernadina coffee beans available worldwide in 2017!

Glyph Supply Co Tripleone Somerset 5

I had their Affogato (S$7.50) which features vanilla ice cream from Cottontail Creamery. I could really taste the quality of ingredients that went into the ice cream, with super creamy and subtly sweet floral vanilla notes that paired really well with the acidity of the espresso shot.

Glyph Supply Co Tripleone Somerset 6

The espresso was not overpoweringly bitter, and the contrast between the coffee’s acidity and the creamy ice cream made this a really delightful treat.

Glyph Supply Co Tripleone Somerset 7

I also had their regular White (S$5.50) coffee. The beans used that day had low acidity and a medium body, and weren’t bitter at all – in fact, there was an intriguing yoghurt-like aftertaste.

The intensity was just nice, but if you prefer something stronger, you can always go for the Black (S$4.50).

Glyph Supply Co Tripleone Somerset 4

Glyph Supply Co. also has pastries from Carpenter and Cook to complement your cup of coffee.

It’s good to note that the experience here changes every time you come down due to variations in the micro-lots of coffee beans used. Glyph Supply Co also experiments with their efforts to create the perfect cup of coffee, so there’ll be as well as tweaks in the roasting process. Drop by to experience it for yourself!

Glyph Supply Co.: #01-06 | Opening Hours: 8.30am – 7.30pm (Mon to Fri), 10am – 7.30pm (Sat & Sun) | Facebook | Instagram

5.  PU3 Restaurant

Our Muslim friends need not worry as 111 Somerset offers its fair share of halal options.

One of them is PU3 Restaurant, which prides itself on authentic Malay food, and its Nasi Ambeng in particular.  

Online Pu3 Restaurant Tripleone Somerset Mall 2
Credit – PU3 Restaurant

PU3 Restaurant serves up this authentic Javanese dish on a giant platter, and the serving size is meant for communal sharing. The Ambeng Basic costs S$50 for four, and S$28 for two.

You can also get a one-person serving, since their Ambeng Ayam Solo (S$9.80) and Ambeng Sotong Solo (S$9.80) are pretty popular dishes on the menu.

Online Pu3 Restaurant Tripleone Somerset Mall 1
Credit – PU3 Restaurant

As expected for Nasi Ambeng, the servings here are more than generous. There’s no shortage of ingredients! You can look forward to Ayam Lemak Cili Padi, Daging Rendang (coconut beef stew), Sambal Goreng (curried vegetables), Terong Belado (eggplants), Paru Goreng Rempah (cow lung), Begerdil (deep-fried potato patty), Serunding (fried coconut flakes) and Urap (steamed vegetable salad).

Do drop by PU3 Restaurant if you ever want to walk away feeling stuffed, or if you’re craving for some authentic Malay cuisine. Alternatively, they do doorstep delivery island-wide, and you can arrange for that through the website!

PU3 Restaurant: #02-20 | Tel: +65 6338 4419 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Facebook | Website

6. Karamen By Ajisen

Karamen by Ajisen is an all-new dining concept brought to you by the ubiquitous and well-established Ajisen Ramen chain.

This particular concept focuses on Karamen-style ramen, which originates from the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan.

Online Tripleone Somerset Karamen By Ajisen 2

The broth for this particular style of ramen is heavy on the garlic and chilis, so it’ll pack a fiery hot punch that is sure to leave you sweating.

It’s no surprise that Karamen by Ajisen suits the local palate, since we love spicy food so much. Luckily for those out there who do not fare as well with spice, Karamen by Ajisen offers three levels of spiciness so you can always have a bowl with a comfortable level of heat.

Online Tripleone Somerset Karamen By Ajisen 1

Another differentiating factor for this style of ramen is the liberal use of fluffy eggs, incorporated into the broth. It’s meant to not only give some respite from the spiciness, but also to add another dimension of texture as the fluffy, silky eggs contrast with the smooth wheat noodles.

You will want to try dishes like the Original Kara-men with Cha Shu (S$13.90) or Miso Kara-men with Pork Shabu (S$13.90) when you are here!

Karamen by Ajisen: #01-07 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Facebook

Come down to 111 Somerset and try out these new dining spots; there’s bound to be something here that will satisfy your tastebuds.

Are there any places that we missed out? Share your favourite dining spot in 111 Somerset with us!

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