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8 Most Unique Tendon Spots to Satisfy Your Tempura Cravings

Tendon is the abbreviated form of tempura donburi, and usually features an assortment of battered and deep-fried vegetables, meats and seafood, all delicately arranged...

Hotpot Heroes: Singapore’s First Kung Fu Hotpot In Tanjong Katong

Who said that steamboats were boring? Certainly not at Hotpot Heroes, Singapore’s first martial arts themed hotpot spot located in Tanjong Katong. When we dropped...

Shi Jian Hotpot 食间火锅: Affordable Sichuan Hotpot Under S$35 At Suntec City

Few things are better than a good hotpot, especially with family and friends. Shi Jian Hotpot 食间火锅 manages to deliver authentic Sichuan hotpot without breaking...

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