Stock Up On This All-New Mala Hotpot Snack From The Golden Duck Co Now Available In SG

Has The Golden Duck Co outdone themselves again? You might have heard of this local food brand that boasts a selection of locally-inspired snacks such as the Singapore Chili Crab Seaweed Tempura and the Gourmet Salted Egg Fish Skin (which I personally can’t get enough of!)

Golden Duck Co Mala Hotpot Snack 1

The Golden Duck Co has launched an all-new flavour that all you mala lovers will enjoy.

Look forward to Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Fragrant Mix (S$7), which aims to replicate the fiery, numbing layers of flavours in a Sichuan mala hotpot.

Golden Duck Co Mala Hotpot Snack 4

The Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Fragrant Mix featured a medley of the fish skin that The Golden Duck Co is already famous for, three kinds of crunchy mushrooms as well as crispy bean curd skin. It’s super fragrant too, which only served to entice me and make my mouth water. I really couldn’t wait to devour the whole package!

The snack is made from 19 different ingredients, which is almost as complex as the actual dish. I could taste multiple, distinct and complex layers when I tried the Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Fragrant Mix – not only in terms of texture and crunch but also in terms of the flavour profile.

Golden Duck Co Mala Hotpot Snack 4

I have to commend how this snack managed to maintain the delicate balance between spicy, savoury and sweet. It’s not extremely numbing, nor does it have that overly astringent flavour that comes from Sichuan peppercorns. But it’s definitely shiok, and mildly addictive — especially if you are a fan of spicy food.

In this sense, it might not be an exact replica of the usual Sichuan mala hotpot, but it’s a very well-executed rendition that leaves me craving more. One area for improvement, however, is perhaps to have the snack a little saltier, however, that’s pretty much dependent on your personal tastes.

Golden Duck Co Mala Hotpot Snack 2

I’d reckon this snack will come in handy for those days when you want to eat some mala hotpot but can’t find your usual kakis to eat with.

The Golden Duck Co has really done a great job in creating a delightful rendition of this popular dish with their all-new flavour. Satisfy your cravings with this snack — you better start stocking up now!

Dates & Times: Now available at all Golden Duck Co. outlets
Price: S$7 per pack