Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant: Guest Chefs from JW Marriot Hong Kong

“Exquisite Dim Sum from JW Marriott Hong Kong”

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From 9 to 22 March, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is gearing up to provide diners with a scrumptious ensemble of dim sum creations, masterfully handcrafted by guest Chefs Chow Shing Yip and Chef Liu Wai Hung from JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong.

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Dim sum is widely appreciated here in Singapore as it is in native Hong Kong, and for this exclusive 2-week period, Marriott Singapore presents to us their special dim sum selection all the way from Hong Kong. With over 30 years of experience, their chefs have managed to specially craft up an exquisite menu of a range of dim sum creations, such that there’s guaranteed to have a favourite for everyone.

With fresh and premium ingredients, these dim sum are prepared by hand daily to bring to us an authentic cantonese flavour that is admittedly, to a consistent standard and quality of the Marriott group.

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Some specials on their exclusive dim sum menu include novel dishes such as the Abalone and Taro Puff, which was one of my favourites on the menu. Combining interesting ingredients, the chefs managed to create a balance of sweet and savoury, complete with complimentary textures to make this dish a success.

The crisp puff, light and fluffy, was combined with the softer, creamier taro paste dotted with chewy bits of abalone. It achieved an overall firm bite which gave a satisfying blend of different tastes and textures.

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The Steamed Crab Roe with Minced Pork in Superior Soup Bun (Crab Roe Xiao Long Bao) impressed me as well. Laden with a generous portion of flavourful broth and meat, the tasty juices enhanced the savoury flavours of the crab roe and minced pork.


Amongst others, the Steamed Scallop with Fungus and Vegetable Dumpling (right), as well as the Steamed Wild Mushroom and Celery Dumpling (left) was pleasant on the palate. Presenting more nouvelle Cantonese flavours, the JW Marriott group focuses more on the quality and freshness of their ingredients, to present a refreshing taste to cater to a lighter palate.

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You could also try their Crispy Shrimp Dumpling with Supreme Soup. Dipping the crispy dumplings in the light soup base of chicken and pork bones stock, the dumplings would have soaked up the robust flavours of the broth, making for a juicy but yet crispy bite.

I found the dumplings to be a little too oily though, with quite a doughy texture which I didn’t manage to fully appreciate. But personal preferences aside, it still makes for a pretty decent side dish you can try out.

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The Baked BBQ Pork and Egg White Puff was exquisitely topped off with a fluffy sugared coat that seemingly disintegrated into your mouth in each bite. Although it was not something that I particularly enjoyed there, it might still sit well with you. The bun was quite soft, but yet crisp on the top.

This Baked BBQ is more to the classic Hong Kong taste, with strong and salty fillings not many Singaporeans might appreciated.

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The Pan-fried Minced Pork Bun with Sesame Seeds and Spring onion was pretty decent, in my opinion. I could’ve preferred it to be a little more crisp on the base, but overall, it was still done well. The meat was fresh and tasty, together with the soup, made an excellent combination that reminded me a little of the streets of Shanghai.

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The Pan-fried Shredded Abalone and Pork Dumpling would be a good choice to add to your dim sum meal, with its hot, crispy exterior paired with the interesting blend of textures in the filling. We could taste the abalone slices as a standalone, but when munched together with the minced pork, it created a mishmash of complimentary flavours which also carried distinctive characteristics of their original ingredients.

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Their desserts, the Sweetened Old Dragon Fruit Cake (left) and the Crispy Sesame Sticky Rice Flour Ball were pretty average, but I quite enjoyed them at the same time. The Dragon Fruit cake reminded me of the Osmanthus jellied dessert I had along the streets of Hong Kong. The dragon fruit cake was a light, refreshingly cold jelly that had bits of dragon fruit seeds in it to give it that much needed texture.

The Crispy Sesame Sticky Rice Flour Ball was also adequate, reminding me much of a mochi desert, with its commendable starchy texture that wasn’t too… strenuous on the jaw. The sesame seeds brought out a certain fragrance, coupled with the cavity in the middle that allowed the rice ball to not give off such a overpowering taste.


To add on, we had the signature Pineapple, Honey and Cai Xin fruit juice. Initially, its striking green colour was pretty off-putting (especially after I heard there was cai xin in it, won’t it have that bitter aftertaste?). However, this drink pleasantly surprised me, and was extremely refreshing and cleansing on one’s palate. The sourness from the pineapple with the honey sweetness successfully blends with the cai xin’s vegetable bitterness for a balanced drink. A definite thumbs up.

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Overall, Wan Hao at Marriott Singapore offers pretty decent, authentic fare specially made by the Hong Kong guest chefs, but it didn’t really stand out to me as a die die must-go dim sum destination during this special menu period.

If you happen to be just around the corner though, Wan Hao Restaurant could be worth a try to bring your business associates or family over for their exquisite Chinese dining atmosphere.

Expected Damage: $20 – $30 per pax

Hong Kong Dim Sum Feast at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant starts from 9 to 22 March 2015 during lunch time.

Wan Hao: 320 Orchard Road, Singapore Marriott Hotel, Level 3,  Singapore 238865 | Tel: 6831 4605 | Website