5 Delicious Ways To Enjoy Lobster At The Fullerton Hotel Singapore And The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Lobsters have long been considered an extravagant treat, reserved only for special occasions. We discovered that there’s no better place to have them than at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore.

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Here are five delicious ways to enjoy the much-lauded lobster.

Hungry yet?

Lobster Nasi Lemak (Town Restaurant)

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This all-day dining restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore serves as the ideal meeting point for both casual and intimate meetings.

Apart from serving an International Buffet Lunch, Asian Buffet Dinner and an extravagant Sunday Champagne Brunch, Town Restaurant also has an elevated local favourite – the Lobster Nasi Lemak ($29).

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This à la carte menu item serves a fresh lobster that has been marinated in sambal belachan for an hour before being coated in corn flour and deep-fried.

Fragrant rice is cooked in coconut milk, fried ikan bilis and peanuts are then added to the dish.

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The lobster flesh is fresh and plump, while the sambal belachan adds a good kick of spiciness, coupled with a crunchy bite after being deep-fried.

Simmered Egg Noodles With Boston Lobster And X.O. Sauce (Jade)

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Known for its fine Singapore Cantonese-style cuisine, Jade’s intricate decor well reflects Chef Leong’s passion for cooking and pottery. Having helmed Jade’s kitchen for 10 years, there’s little doubt that he will fire up your appetite!

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Relish in Simmered Egg Noodles With Boston Lobster And X.O. Sauce ($39). The Boston lobster is first seasoned with salt and pepper, then tossed in cornflour before being deep-fried, till about 60% cooked.

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Garlic and cabbage are added to the dish, with the latter being used to add sweetness to the dish. Lobster oil is also added to enhance the taste of the lobster

The final dish is served with egg noodles and the lobster is doused in homemade X.O. chilli sauce. Chef Leong explained that the dish is a traditional one, which carries more Nanyang influence compared to other noodle dishes.

The noodles are served with gravy (as opposed to a soup base) to allow the lobster to be the star of the dish.

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Angel Hair Pasta With Maine Lobster (The Lighthouse Restaurant and Rooftop Bar)

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With an impressive view of the Marina Bay area, The Lighthouse Restaurant and Rooftop Bar serves heart-warming Italian cuisine with quality produce from Campania, Sardinia and Sicily.

There’s nothing more comforting than a freshly made plate of pasta, and you’re sure to be treated to a decadent delight as you tuck into the Angel Hair Pasta With Maine Lobster ($38).

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The Maine lobster meat is removed from its shell. The shell is then used to create a bisque to use as a base for the pasta sauce.

The base of the sauce comprises of garlic, butter, olive oil, basil leaf, white wine, lobster oil and sundried tomatoes.

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The lobster meat is cooked in the bisque for less than a minute, before the bisque is reduced further. Meanwhile, the angel hair pasta is boiled for a minute, before it is removed. It is then transferred to the pan with the bisque and lobster meat to allow it to cook further till it achieves its al dente texture.

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This signature dish of the restaurant carries strong Italian flavours and the lobster meat is tender from the butter it has been cooked with. Given that lobster is still commonly seen as a luxury ingredient, you’ll want to take your time to savour this delectable dish.

 Lobster And Scallop Carpaccio (La Brasserie)

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The first thing diners will notice about La Brasserie is its impressive high ceilings and meticulous attention to detail from furniture to plating. The French cuisine served here is specially curated to highlight classics as well as a touch of Mediterranean influences.

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The Lobster And Scallop Carpaccio ($36) is exemplary of this, with its delicate slices of seafood. The Boston lobster is boiled whole for six minutes until it’s almost completely cooked, retaining its tenderness. It is then de-shelled and sliced thinly.

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The scallops are also sliced evenly and very thinly. The slices of lobster and scallop are then dressed with salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil truffle vinaigrette. The finishing touches include a sprinkling of chopped chives and shaved black truffle.

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The result is a stunning edible artwork of raw and cooked seafood that represents the freshness of the produce that the restaurant uses. It’s also a lighter, yet still enjoyable way of eating lobster, allowing its true flavours to linger on your palate.

Lobster Roll (The Clifford Pier)

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When one walks into The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, they are greeted by a stunning dining space that is bathed in natural light and looks out proudly to the Singapore River.

A favourite high-tea spot, The Clifford Pier also serves a full à la carte menu of some of the best of Singapore’s local dishes as well as Western favourites.

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The Lobster Roll ($33) is a crowd-favourite being both a comfort dish as well as an extravagance, since an entire Boston lobster is used to fill the brioche bun to the brim.

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To begin, the lobster meat is poached in butter. Then, it is cut up and tossed with mayonnaise and chopped chives.

While that happens, the buttered brioche buns are toasted in the oven so they are crispy on the outside and soak up the buttery goodness on the inside.

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Once the buns are ready, they are stuffed with the lobster meat, and served with a side of truffle fries tossed in parmesan and garden salad. They are definitely generous with the amount of lobster meat and the Japanese mayonnaise enhances the sweetness of the lobster meat.

It also has a slightly eggy flavour, combined with a creamy texture, while the chives lend some acidity to the entire dish and balances out the heaviness of the mayonnaise.

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