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Fu Ming Seafood: Indulge In Garlic Crab + Claypot Mee Tai Bak In Geylang

Whenever I'm looking for some comfort food, zi char stalls would be my go-to. Even though there's a wide range of zi char stalls in Singapore, Fu...

Kilo Kitchen: Beef Tongue Tacos + Puerto Rican Wobbly Pudding Along Duxton Road

Previously located at Kampong Bugis, Kilo Kitchen has relocated to Duxton Road to be closer to its sister property, Kilo Lounge. The name 'Kilo' stems...

Burger King Launches New Mentaiko Burgers Only For A Limited Time At All SG Outlets

After all the disappointment with McDonald's new menu items, can Burger King renew our faith in fast food joints? They have launched their limited edition mentaiko burgers...

8 Places To Get Assam Laksa In Singapore That’s Tongue-Tinglingly Good

Assam laksa is a unique dish commonly found in South-East Asia, specifically Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The most common type of Assam laksa is the Penang...

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