TungLok Heen: Quality White Sultan Grilled Fish & Laksa With A Twist At Resorts World Sentosa

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Food choices are aplenty at Resorts World Sentosa, but if you’re looking for some of the finest Chinese cuisines that this resort can offer, look no further than TungLok Heen, located in Hotel Michael. Aiming to serve traditional and authentic Chinese dishes, it’s overseen by celebrity Chef Susur Lee and his right-hand man, Senior Executive Chef Ken Ling.

Designed by one of Japan’s top designers, TungLok Heen’s interior is made of stone and dark wood-panelled walls to dress the place in simple elegance, not intended to take away the diners’ attention from the stellar food.

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All the chefs from TungLok Heen harness worldly culinary skills, procured from their travels and global work stints which have allowed them to experience, learn and share all types of meticulous dishes.

TungLok Heen will be launching a new menu that features an array of premium ingredients and contemporary flavours. Diners will be able to delight in Chef Susur’s renditions of familiar favourites as well as taste his personally-curated line-up of signature recipes.

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Our journey of TungLok Heen’s most popular dishes started with the Grilled Fish (market price). Using different fish varieties according to what’s freshest and available, we had the opportunity to try the Wild White Sultan.

Don’t let the bright red sauce trick you into thinking it’s cooked in the now-popular mala grilled fish; it’s actually made with a combination of hot & sour consomme, together with their in-house special sauce.

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What makes this fish dish an excellent choice is a twice-cooked method of grilling it right before baking. The result was a satisfying crisp exterior that held together flaky and moist flesh.

Everything about this dish is memorable, from the tanginess of the sauce, to the plump tomatoes swimming in the large pan it’s served in, to the succulent flesh of the fish that has imbibed all the richness of the sauce. This dish is commendable, indeed.

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For their well-appraised roast duck, they use Irish duck. The Roast Duck (S$35 half / S$60 whole) dish, as a result, has a great balanced ratio of meat to fat. This is due to the precise method of raising the ducks for exactly 40 days, after which they are de-feathered by hand (which prevents the duck’s skin from bruising).

This duck dish was one of the best I’ve tasted; the meat fell off the bone with little effort, and the fat made it that much juicier. It’s accompanied by a traditional plum sauce, which not only complemented but highlighted how rich and palatial this signature dish really was.

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If you are looking for some traditional local food, they also serve their own take on Laksa (S$28). Why should you order this when you can get laksa anywhere else? Because here, they use freshwater prawns.

In comparison to regular prawns, freshwater prawns are known for their lobster-like size, and are much more tender and sweeter than lobsters. The broth was unmistakably fragrant, with the intoxicating and aromatic medley of coconut milk spices.

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The fresh, bouncy scallops were a delight; sweet, with just a hint of resistance in every chew.

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The prawns here definitely amazed us the most, especially with their raved-about Premium King Prawns (S$12 per piece). They were braised in three different types of sauces: white peppercorn, black peppercorn and premium soy sauce.

Their shells were coated with a thick fusion of salted egg yolk and chilli as well, which we savoured before peeling off the shells to get to the plump flesh. It was deliciously gooey and made us not mind getting our hands dirty if it meant we’d be able to thoroughly relish in the sweet peppery paste.

The dish was accompanied by shredded pears, cucumbers and tomato slices, aiding in cleansing the palate between bites.

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The Braised Tofu With Wild Mushroom in Superior Stock (S$18) was cooked Cantonese-style with mushrooms, stir-fried spinach, and sauteed with garlic. We appreciated how muted this dish was in comparison to the other vibrant flavours we’d been enjoying so far.

Silken tofu was the main element of the dish, and it lived up to its name as it luxuriated on our palates before sliding away with little need for mastication. Chef Susur’s aim for this dish was to make it simple yet healthy, and he had fulfilled that goal.

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To conclude the meal, we had Coconut Jelly Topped with Crispy Black Forbidden Rice And Coconut Sherbet Served In Young Coconut (S$15). 

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The coconut jelly was gratifyingly jiggly and coupled excellently with the coconut milk sherbet. The crispy rice was a nice touch of texture to the creamy dessert, and the fact that it wasn’t overly sweet made it a home run.

Should you be looking for some of the best dishes that Chinese cuisine can offer here in our sunny island, diners can look forward to a tantalising menu, made with fresh ingredients and adept chefs whipping up a storm to only serve you an outstanding meal. You’ll be more than pleased to bring your family round for an unforgettable dining experience.

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*This post was brought to you in partnership with TungLok Heen.

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Our Rating: 4 / 5

TungLok Heen

Resort World Sentosa - Hotel Michael, 26 Sentosa Gateway #02-142/143, Singapore 098269

Our Rating 4/5

TungLok Heen

Resort World Sentosa - Hotel Michael, 26 Sentosa Gateway #02-142/143, Singapore 098269

Telephone: +65 6884 7888
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 2.30 pm, 6.30pm -10.30pm (daily)
Telephone: +65 6884 7888

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 2.30 pm, 6.30pm -10.30pm (daily)
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