Bring Back Childhood Memories With The New Want Want Snack Pack Now Available In Taiwan

Do you remember your favourite childhood snack? Mine was Want Want’s Mini Milk Biscuits (旺仔小馒头).

If you miss the simpler times, check out Taiwan’s new Want Want Snack Pack (NTD39). This snack pack comes with both Want Want’s Creamy Hot Kid Beverage (旺仔牛奶) and Mini Milk Biscuits.

Want Want Snack Pack Online 1

There two different ways to indulge in this nostalgic snack. If you like your biscuits crunchy, finish the biscuits first, then wash them down with the drink. Otherwise, you can combine both the biscuits and milk drink together like a cereal.

Unfortunately, this new snack pack isn’t available in Singapore, but you can get them separately to test it out.

Want Want Snack Pack 1

When I tried the tiny biscuit buns, they tasted just the way I remember. I could taste the milky flavour which quickly disappeared as the biscuit melted in my mouth.

To quench my thirst, I tried the milk drink. However, this didn’t really help as it tasted too sweet, like a slightly milder version of condensed milk.

Want Want Snack Pack 3

I was intrigued to find out how the biscuits and milk drink would taste together. Since the biscuits melted in my mouth so easily, I wasn’t surprised to see them disintegrate into the milk after 30 seconds.

The milk became infused with the sweet biscuit aroma, which was slightly off-putting as I kept expecting a crunch with each mouthful.

I enjoyed both methods of eating the snack and drink, especially since it reminded me of childhood memories. However, I felt that dipping the biscuit in the milk made it too sweet for me.

If you ever find yourself in Taiwan, you can try out the Want Want Snack Pack to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dates: Now available (Family Mart outlets in Taiwan)

Prices: NTD39