New in town: 219 Sarawak Kolo Mee — Serving Kuching laksa, Sibu kampua mee & Taiwanese braised pork rice at Punggol

It’s nice to see more of our neighbours across the causeway set up their food business on our shores. Introducing 219 Sarawak Kolo Mee, which opened its doors to the public at a kopitiam in Edgefield Plains, Punggol on 1 Feb 2023.

sarawak kolo mee - stall front

The chefs at the hawker stall all hail from Sibu, which is the central region of Sarawak. They’ve cooked and sold all these dishes back in their hometowns, so you’re guaranteed legit tastes and cooking preparations.

Similar to other Sarawak noodle stalls, you’ll be able to get the red Char Siew Sauce Kolo Mee (S$5.50), the black Soya Sauce Kolo Mee (S$5.50), and the Ori Kolo Mee (S$5.50).

sarawak kolo mee - stall food

Other options on the menu include Kuching Laksa (S$6.90), Wonton (S$5 for dry, fried or soup) and Sibu Kampua (S$4.90 for ori, black or red) (straight noodles instead of curly).

If you’re a fan of wu xiang xia bing (ngoh hiang and other assortment of fritters), you can choose from their plethora of scrumptious items such as Century Egg (S$1.40), Otah Roll (S$1.80), Beansprout Fritter (S$2) and Tau Kwa (S$1.50).

sarawak kolo mee - wu xiang

Hold your horses, as that’s not all they’re offering. They even have Taiwan Lu Rou Fan (Taiwanese braised pork rice) which comes with a soup of the day at only S$7.90.

sarawak kolo mee - kolo mee choices

The soup changes twice a month, and you’ll get flavours like lotus root, peanut chicken feet as well as corn, old cucumber and pork ribs.

As 219 Sarawak Kolo Mee has just been in operations for less than a month, and they’ll continue developing more soup choices for customers in future. If you’re a resident at Punggol or love all the food that I’ve just mentioned, give their dishes a try.

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219 Sarawak Kolo Mee

Block 671, Edgefield Plains, #01-01, Singapore 820671

219 Sarawak Kolo Mee

Block 671, Edgefield Plains, #01-01, Singapore 820671

Telephone: +65 9820 0456
Operating Hours: 9am - 9.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9820 0456

Operating Hours: 9am - 9.30pm (Daily)
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