2it & Drink: Singapore Italian Restaurant Review

“Hidden Italian Gem at River Valley”


2it & drink is the latest venture into an Italian casual dining from the connoisseurs of fine Italian dining concept, OTTO. 2it & drink’s unique name is a witty play on the word “eat” and the abbreviation of “Italy” (it) – hence, 2it & drink. With many familiar favourites, as well as more interesting innovations, diners are spoilt for choice with the myriad of options available.


A rather quintessential casual dining concept situated in Valley Point, 2it & Drink stands out amidst the throng of ever growing posh Italian restaurants islandwide with its laid back setting.

It exudes a certain charming, homely flair, and its bustling and lively atmosphere is certainly characteristic of a classic Italian restaurant. 2it&drink certainly provides the whole authentic Italian dining experience here in Singapore, and is no wonder Singaporeans and expats alike are seen to frequent this restaurant ever so readily.

2it&drink calamari

Calamari Fritti ($15). It is quite amazing how 2it & drink managed to turn something so classically prevalent and simple to one thats evidently a grade above the rest. The rings were crisp and fluffy, and carried a subtle but still flavourful taste of garlic about them. Dipped in their special homemade sauce, it helped to bring out just the right taste to compliment the calamari rings.

2it & drink Braised Beef Agnolotti with Mushrooms and Cream Sauce

Braised Beef Agnolotti with Mushrooms and Cream Sauce ($22). Using fresh pasta made in-store daily, this was honestly, again, a notch above the rest. One of the more unique finds, it consists of finely minced braised beef wrapped inside flattened pasta dough (Agnolotti), such that a burstful of flavour presents itself to your tastebuds and you cannot resist but to reach for more and more and more.

It may be slightly rich, but it is just so good that you will end up polishing the plate off anyway.

2it & drink Linguine Vongole

Linguine Vongole ($20). Your standard linguine pasta with Clams in White Wine sauce. The pasta was cooked al dente, and was well integrated with the white wine sauce. A light but nonetheless pleasant dish, it is a classic signature of authentic Italian restaurants, and I’m glad to say that 2it&drink has done it well.

2it and drink Golosa

Golosa ($26) – Buffalo Mozzarella, Sicilan Pachino Tomatoes, Mortadella (Pork), Pesto Genovese and Pistachio. An ingenious innovation of their house chef, I was again, pleasantly surprised. A less common version of pizza in Singapore, the white pizza, it is devoid of the usual red sauce base so commonly seen in all Italian restaurants.

Here, 2it & drink offers that unique spin seen on the streets of Italy, where fresh tomatoes and other ingredients top off the chewy, thin pizza base. It also contained notes of pistachio sprinkled on top of the pizza, which complimented the ingredients perfectly to seal in that extra kick.

2it and drink Milanese Di Vitell

Milanese Di Vitello ($36) – Breaded Veal Cutlet. Tender veal meat battered in a buttery goodness. With a crisp, buttery outer layer, the succulent veal meat proved too hard to resist. A definite must-try here at 2it&drink, even if by now, you’re just as full as we were then. This is just too good to pass up on.

2it and drink tiramisu

Hazelnut Tiramisu ($12). A creamy, fine bowl of your usual classic dessert. But with a twist. Their tiramisu contains notes of fragrant hazelnut, which was blended well into the tiramisu dessert. An interesting spin, but I would have preferred it to have less cream.


Pannacotta ($10). Slightly towards the sweeter side, it contained strong hints of caramel. It is still pretty refined, but still bordering on average.

Overall, 2it & drink is definitely a place I would recommend you try at least once. But then again, you wouldn’t stop at just 1 visit. They provide superior Italian food at pretty affordable prices, and I’m sure your family will love it too, with kid-friendly options and lunch sets ($17++) to choose from.

Expected Damage: $20 – $35 per pax

2it & Drink: 491 River Valley Road, #01-01, Valley Point, Singapore 248371 | +65 673 730 01 | Website