Spike Up Your Life With S$5 Mao Shan Wang Durian At Hao Chi Liu Lian This Durian Season

You know durian season has arrived when there are countless advertisements and promotions for this ‘King of Fruits’. Durians are known to be expensive, especially when the demand for it goes sky-high.

Most Singaporeans are hardcore addicts of this fruit for its rich and creamy flesh, which can either be bitter, sweet or a mix of both. Regardless of its price, there’s no stopping Singaporeans from hunting down the best durians!

Now at Hao Chi Liu Lian, you can indulge in Mao Shan Wang durian for only S$5, so you can eat to your heart’s content without feeling the pinch.

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Hao Chi Liu Lian attributes their cheap pricing to the huge supply of durians that they get from Malaysia. Despite its extremely attractive prices, their owner is sure that they do have enough stock to last them through.

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However, as attractive as their prices are, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for their service. Some of the most recent reviews on their Facebook site reveals how customers waited over three hours for the S$5 durians. There are also good reviews that state that they boast a great selection of tasty durians at affordable prices.

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Low prices definitely do not mean bad quality, and they update their Facebook site pretty regularly too. As the durian season is longer this year and will potentially stretch till October, we have more time to savour this delicious fruit.

If you do head down to Hao Chi Liu Lian, let us know whether it is worth the price (and the wait!).

Dates & times: Now available at Hao Chi Liu Lian (Clementi and Hougang) | 3pm – 12am (Daily) | Check their Facebook page for updates

Price: S$5 per Mao Shan Wang durian