5 Reasons The ENTERTAINER App makes the perfect X’mas gift

entertainer gift singapore

I’ve been advocating getting The Entertainer Singapore app for the longest time, and now is the perfect time to buy it as a gift. What is The Entertainer App? It’s simply a mobile app that allows you access to over 800 1-for-1 Singapore restaurant dining vouchers, including exquisite places like Bedrock Bar and GrillFat CowEn Japanese DiningBrunetti and many more. And no, it’s not a group buying site – completely different.

Read my previous article on The Entertainer App to learn more about how it works.

If you’re struggling for gift ideas, and just dread going out into the crowded malls to buy a present, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should just buy The Entertainer App as a gift for your friend:

1) It’s a thoughtful and practical gift

entertainer app singapore save money

Unlike many redundant gifts we always receive like photo frames or another ugly sweater that will never see daylight again, The Entertainer app actually saves money and is something useful. How often do you dine out? Imagine every meal with a friend that you dine out, you save the cost of 1 main course – You’ll be saving hundreds or even a thousand a year!

2) You get to join in to share the benefits as well

I love gifts where I can secretly enjoy the benefits too, and The Entertainer app is one such gift. Join your friend who you gave the Entertainer app to for dinner, and you can split the price for just 1 main course. Win-win.

3) Reasonably priced (I’ve a discount code too)

entertainer gift discount

A $10 gift might seem too cheap and thoughtless, while a $100 dollar gift is a bit on the expensive side for friends. How about somewhere in between like $75? By using my promo code ‘2016seth‘  it brings the $85 app to an affordable $75 SGD only.

4) Easy to gift


It’s so simple to purchase and give the product, it probably only takes you 5 minutes to finish purchasing. You can download the free mobile app and press the ‘GIFT NOW’ button (if you already have the app, you’ll need to update the app).

Alternatively, log on to the Entertainer Singapore’s website and click on ‘BUY AS GIFT’. Apply my promo code ‘2016seth‘ and check out. Next just key in your delivery details as well as credit card number and you’re done.

You’ll get an email confirmation sent to you on how to activate your app. You can either print that out as a voucher to present to someone or forward it via email, easy peasy!

5) Last minute savior: No more squeezing with the Christmas shopping crowd

We’re all busy people and not everyone has the time to go shopping. Some of us might even have forgotten all about a gift for a loved one, but fear not. With the simple and quick gifting option of The Entertainer, you won’t have to struggle with the Christmas crowd, neither will you have to turn up to a Christmas party empty handed.

To buy The Entertainer Singapore app as a gift, just head to their website or download the Entertainer App on your mobile device.