52 Sandwich Shack: Gobble Up Comforting Grilled Cheese Sandwiches With A Twist At Raffles City

Sometimes, we just need a spot of comfort food to tide us over until the next weekend, or even just to the end of the day. And what’s better than a piping hot grilled cheese sandwich? Mmm, that gooey filling and crispy toasted bread.

52 Sandwich Shack 01

52 Sandwich Shack brings us this cheesy goodness in a variety of flavours. You might think grilled cheese sandwiches are as basic as it gets, but this little kiosk in the basement of Raffles City proves that they can be big on flavours too.

Serving up grilled cheese with a twist, this is a quick pick-me-up for office workers on their lunch break or anyone looking for a quick bite. We tried five of the sandwiches on the menu, and I only wish I had space in my tummy to eat all of it.

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We started with the basics: the 52 Grilled Cheese ($6.90). Fluffy and warm, this simple sandwich is deceptively good. The delicious cheese centre was so gooey that you can get the perfect stretchy cheese pull.

The cheese was made from three different kinds of cheese (Cheddar, Mozzarella and Fontina), and is light in flavour. What you get is a really balanced comforting sandwich, that’s guaranteed to chase away your weekday blues.

52 Sandwich Shack 07

Next, we tried the Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($7.90), an impressive combination of smokey bacon and mac and cheese. This was definitely the ultimate comfort food for me; grilled cheese sandwich + mac and cheese? Say no more.

I liked how the macaroni and brioche textures played well off each other. The toasty brioche made a good counterpoint to the chewy yet slightly crispy macaroni pieces. The distinctive flavour of cheddar mingled with the bacon bits for a wonderfully savoury taste.

52 Sandwich Shack 08

It gets a little hard to hold it together after a while because the cheese starts to seep into the bread and it can get a bit soggy. Still, it probably won’t be sitting there long enough to get soggy, because you’ll want to scarf it down. I certainly did!

52 Sandwich Shack 03

Another twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich is the Sliced Beef with Onsen Egg ($11.90). A tad on the pricier side for a simple grilled cheese, I’d say that the thinly sliced shabu-shabu wagyu beef made it still pretty worth the price.

52 Sandwich Shack 04

The mushy bits of sweet onion paired nicely with the brioche. Don’t forget the onsen egg dip!

Both sweet and savoury at the same time, this gooey egg dip brought out the beef flavour well. It also helped to moisten the beef, which got a bit dry when I left it untouched for too long. My advice? Finish it quickly.

52 Sandwich Shack 06

A popular choice is the Yakiniku Pulled Pork ($8.90), which was my favourite too. Sweet, juicy pork filled my mouth with every bite. The slightly charred flavour added more dimension to the toasty grilled cheese.

52 Sandwich Shack 05

The riotous mix of flavours actually came together quite well, and the overall taste was lifted by the thin layer of pickles. The intense flavour from this cheese and pulled pork combination also lingered in my mouth.

52 Sandwich Shack 09

Finally, we also tried the Truffle Mushrooms & Spinach ($9.90). This fragrant creation was made with button mushrooms, stuffed with spinach and slathered generously with truffle oil.

I really enjoyed how the softer texture of the spinach and the juicy bite of the button mushrooms mingled together. The woodsy flavour of the mushrooms was a good contrast to the sweeter and lighter taste of the toasted brioche. The truffle fragrance became a bit overpowering after a while, and it hung heavily over the lighter fresh taste of spinach.

52 Sandwich Shack 10

For a meatless sandwich, the Truffle Mushrooms & Spinach certainly didn’t lose out in terms of flavour. If you enjoy the fragrance of truffles and juicy mushrooms, this sandwich is a must-try.

52 Sandwich Shack 12

52 Sandwich Shack also offers desserts. Namely, the Shuu Choux ($4.30), which are cream custard puffs stuffed full of delicious cream. These puffs are a labour of love, because the pastry chef comes in at 5am every day to handcraft the Choux, and only finishes around 11am. Of course, this means there’s a limited number of puffs available every day, so be sure to grab yours early!

The Shuu Choux puffs come in a variety of flavours: Raspberry and Rose, Earl Grey, Hazelnut, Black Sesame, Matcha, Vanilla, and Chocolate. There’s definitely something for every taste bud.

52 Sandwich Shack 13

Matcha and Earl Grey are popular with the ladies, and it’s not hard to see why. The fragrant tea flavours lifted the subtly sweet taste of the smooth custard cream. Understated but with a sweet finish, these two elegant flavours were my pick as well.

You’ll have to break the thin pastry layer open with a spoon if you don’t want a mess. I tried to tear it open, and custard cream just started flowing out immediately.

Pop by 52 Sandwich Shack on your lunch break, and grab a grilled cheese sandwich to brighten your day! You won’t regret trying out this new spin on a good ol’ classic.

Expected Damage: $6.90 – $16 per pax

52 Sandwich Shack: 252 North Bridge Road, #01-54 Raffles City, Singapore,179103 | Tel: +65 69202922 | Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm | Website | Facebook

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