6 Letter Brunch, Siglap: Bicycle-friendly cafe with huge menu & large servings

One glance at 6 Letter Brunch on Frankel Avenue tells you exactly what the cafe’s theme is. Bicycles, bicycles everywhere, literally, even on the roof! Bike-mounted diners will find convenient parking space for 4 bikes in racks right on the patio.

cafe interior

I found the minimalism in the clean, simple lines of their facade and outdoor furniture to be intriguingly inviting. The spartan feel (and bicycle theme) followed us when we strolled inside.

bicycle as decor

The only decor to accompany the simple grey floor, whitewashed walls, and elegantly basic furniture design are plants and full-size bicycle-shaped plant holders. Lovely.


pancake stack

6 Letter Brunch spoils you with a menu of over 100 dishes and drinks but the staff recommended the signature Pancake Wonderland (S$16). It is 3 extremely fluffy pancakes served with caramelised banana halves and berries, topped with a scoop of gelato. I have had strawberry shortcake gelato before but none came even close to touching the exquisite medley of textures and tastes I was treated to here.

plate of rosti

The eponymous 6 Letter Brunch (S$18) is rosti, Norwegian smoked salmon, sunny-side up egg, shiitake mushrooms, mashed avocado, mixed salad, and fresh fruits. The rosti was especially nice and its crispiness went very agreeably with the slices of dragonfruit. I think a dollop of sour cream would have made this dish a real star.

sourdough toasts

toast with egg

The Three Musketeers (S$22, serves 2) consists of 3 sourdough toasts— smoked salmon avocado, avocado and egg, and nutty banana.

salmon on toast

The smoked salmon smoked the competition here— its combination of rocket, onion, tomato, and lemon with the delicious, perfectly-done salmon was by far the best pairing of the three.

eggs on waffles

We rounded up the food side of things with 6 Letter Island (S$12) which was a waffle topped with scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, granola, and fresh fruits. We all felt that the eggs were soft and the bacon was at just the right level of crispiness, a delicate balance that few cafes attain.

drinks on table

coffee counter

For drinks, we had the Honey Cafe Latte (S$6.50 for hot), Chocolate Milkshake (S$8), and Hazelnut Flavoured Cafe Latte (S$6.80 for large). You must have a sweet tooth to enjoy the Honey Cafe Latte.

I rarely have milkshakes because I cannot be bothered to exert so much effort to extract the thick shake up the straw. 6 Letter Brunch’s version is much smoother and I could enjoy my drink without feeling like my mouth was at the gym.

cafe food

Our visit to 6 Letter Brunch wrapped up sooner than I liked. I loved the chill vibe and can imagine myself uploading these articles from my laptop on sunny afternoons surrounded by plants and decorative bicycles. Food-wise, it was one scrumptious dish after another; servings were large and the prices, reasonable. 

If you ride up to 6 Letter Brunch and see me typing away here, do say hello!

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6 Letter Brunch

103 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458225


6 Letter Brunch

103 Frankel Avenue, Singapore 458225

Telephone: +65 8366 0168
Operating Hours: 8am - 8pm (Sun to Thu), 8am - 9pm (Fri & Sat)
Telephone: +65 8366 0168

Operating Hours: 8am - 8pm (Sun to Thu), 8am - 9pm (Fri & Sat)
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