6 Reasons Why All Foodies Should Die Die Use OpenSnap

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After having been introduced to OpenSnap, OpenRice’s comprehensive picture-based food search engine, I was genuinely surprised that I hadn’t heard about it before. There are so many extremely helpful features on the app that foodies will be delighted to know of and utilise.

With its impressive record of having been ranked amongst the top 10 food mobile applications downloaded on iTunes chart, I am sure that OpenSnap’s user base will continue to increase – which means that if you’re a foodie, you definitely need to hop on the bandwagon.


Well, I wouldn’t take it too personally if the above paragraph hasn’t inclined you to reach for your phone immediately to download OpenSnap yet; because I know you will eventually cave in after I’ve provided you with 6 compelling reasons why if you’re a genuine foodie, you absolutely need this app on your phone.

1) Find Offers Easily and Save Money on Food


For all the bargain-hunters out there who never leave a restaurant without asking “Eh, are there any discounts for card-holders right now?”, this app is perfect for you. OpenSnap lists over 700 of the latest, most attractive dining offers from approximately 450 restaurants dotted across Singapore.

This feature has completely awakened the Auntie in me; I never fail to power up OpenSnap before heading out to eat nowadays. After all, if I can satisfy my pangs of hunger at a lower price, why not?

2) Remember Your Favorite Food Experiences


Have you ever had those moments where you are raving about a particularly scrumptious meal you’ve had to your friends but then for the life of you, simply cannot recall neither where you’ve had it nor how much it was? Now you can bookmark the best restaurants and dishes in Singapore easily.

OpenSnap diligently organises all the photo uploads that you have into a neat page under your profile. Don’t worry if you are unable to live without adding filters and stickers to your pictures – OpenSnap has got you covered. Cool filters and cute stickers are included.


The labels are pretty self-explanatory: pictures of food taken at a restaurant will be uploaded under the “Restaurant” tag; pictures of your own delicious home-cooked food will be grouped under the “Home Cooking” tag and pictures containing yourself and your food will be categorised within the “Selfie” tag. Now, you’ll have no excuse for not being able to recommend your friends where to head out for a fulfilling meal anymore.

3) Find Food Without Typing a Single Letter



If you’ve had to let go of your date’s hand while searching for a suitable dinner venue through Google or other apps, you’re not alone. There’s good news, though- browsing through OpenSnap only ever requires one hand to find where to eat in Singapore because of its clean, sleek and minimalistic user experience.

Well, technically, just your thumb is necessary but the rest of your hand is needed for supporting your phone – which leaves you with the other hand free to happily grasp onto your date’s hand. Given that your date isn’t using OpenSnap too, of course!

4) Get Honest Food Reviews From The Public


Trying out food at a new place you’ve never been to before can be intimidating because you have utterly no idea what is good. And we all know how frustrating asking a waiter for his opinions on menu choices can be.

“Is this good?”

“Yes. Everything is good.”

Of course he’ll tell you it’s good; he’s paid to do so. Come on. You’re better off reading the genuine reviews left by other OpenSnap users who don’t have any motive other than recommending you what they like. Furthermore, the app contains comprehensive restaurant details such as address, opening hours and even signature dishes. There’s no need to put the waiter on the spot any longer.

5) Join a Community of Like-minded Foodies


Much like other social media platforms, OpenSnap allows you to find like-minded foodies like yourself and to follow them so you can keep track of all the glorious food they’ve been eating. Other than the app’s own suggested users, OpenSnap connects to Facebook so you can search for your own friends and add them even more easily.


Did I also mention that everything on OpenSnap can be shared to other platforms? Talk about an all-in-one social media platform.

6) Find Good Food All Around Asia


Other than Singapore, OpenSnap also has significant regional outreach: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and even Thailand. You can safely say goodbye to blindly stabbing your finger at a menu in a language you can hardly understand and hoping that you didn’t screw up your order in a foreign land. All food reviews on OpenSnap are in English by default.

I know which app I’ll be reaching out for the next time I fly to a South East Asian country and am famished. What about you?

I’m completely sold. OpenSnap now occupies the homepage of my phone, completely justified by the number of times I click on it to check out the latest dining offers. If I’ve successfully managed to convince you on the benefits of using OpenSnap (yay!), the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android Users) or iTunes (Apple Users).

You can find out more and experience the OpenSnap app here.

*This post was brought to you by OpenRice Singapore