Pinch Yourself—7-Eleven SG Has Brought Back Chilli Crab Onigiri For a Limited Time

7-Eleven Singapore has done us all a favour by bringing back the Limited Edition Chilli Crab Onigiri (S$2.50)

Time to hustle to your nearest 7-Eleven!

7 11 Onigiri Online 2

Onigiri is a Japanese sushi rice ball that is moulded into a triangular shape. They come with different fillings and flavours and are popular in Japanese convenience stores (or konbini). Traditionally, onigiri are filled with ingredients such as salted salmon, umeboshi (pickled Japanese ume plum) and mentaiko (pollock roe). 

They make for quick and satisfying snacks. When I was in Japan, I saw some food stalls specialised in selling only onigiri. Their portions were so generous and flavours so varied that I’d eat three and call it a meal. 

7 11 Onigiri Online 1

7-Eleven’s Chilli Crab Onigiri is made of real crab meat in spicy and savoury chilli crab sauce, wrapped in Japanese short-grain rice and enveloped in nori (seaweed). 

Also available are the Chicken Luncheon Meat with Egg, Hanjuku Egg, Chicken Rice and Unagi flavours. How interesting to see local flavours being combined with a traditional Japanese food! They sound absolutely delicious too. 

Until 1 September 2020, get two for S$4.50. Mix and match and make yourself a meal with these tasty balls of flavour. Don’t underestimate its compactness, because onigiri definitely fills you up.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one (or four). The elusive Chilli Crab Onigiri will only be around for a limited time, so get yours as soon as you can.

Date & Time: Now available at 7-Eleven stores for a limited time

Price: S$2.50 per onigiri, S$4.50 for two till 1 September 2020