New in town: A Cube Bistro — Italian-Asian fusion hidden gem along Macpherson Road

Looking for a refreshing new dining experience? MacPherson Road has a new dining spot in A Cube Bistro — an eatery that serves up creative, haute combinations of Asian cuisine and Italian fare.

A Cube Bistro - Storefront

Their backlit logo against a largely black entrance makes the eatery an easy find.

A Cube Bistro - Interior

The ‘A³’ in their name is an abbreviation of the restaurant’s values; to be ‘A’ good place to enjoy good food and drinks, ‘A’ place to gather and make memories and ‘A’ place to chill and unwind.

While the food at A Cube Bistro may be haute and zested up with Asian influences, the ambience is suitably un-bougie, being more cozy with an interior that blends the best aspects of a restaurant, bar and cafe.

A Cube Bistro - Breakfast Pizza

Perhaps the most popular Italian food across the world, pizza is done rather differently at A Cube Bistro. Their Breakfast Pizza (S$22) is a 12-inch Neopolitan-style thin crust pizza topped with potato bits, bacon and cheese. A 63-degree egg sits dead-centre with perfectly creamy yolk ready to spill on demand.

A Cube Bistro - Pizza collage

While certainly a filling meal to start your day with, the usual cream base has been replaced with yoghurt to balance out the heavy flavours of the pizza. The menagerie of toppings contributed greatly to its addicting taste down to the mentai mayo drizzled across each slice and pickled onions that added an occasional crunch.

Other Chef Signature pizzas include Retro (S$30), Diavola (S$28)Shrooms (S$22), and the Signature Queen (S$22).

A Cube Bistro - Iberico Pork Collar

The Iberico Pork Collar (S$28) is served with croquettes and salad on the side, as well as a small jug of gochujang sauce for some sweet-spicy Korean flair to the succulent Spanish pork.

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A Cube Bistro - Iberico pork sides

Each croquette contains pulled vegetable broth-marinated pork belly mixed with minced kimchi. A salad of fennel and apples pickled in-house helps equalise the palate.

A Cube Bistro - Chicken Confit

Putting a different spin on chicken breast, the Chicken Confit (S$26) emulates our local chicken rice by marinating the chicken in salt water brine overnight and then cooking confit in olive oil. It’s then coated in minced ginger paste with sesame oil and crispy chicken skin, making it a supremely savoury dish.

A local iteration of French chou farcilong cabbage stuffed with braised chicken leg and chye poh — is served on the side alongside a sauce made from reduced chicken stock.

A Cube Bistro - Duck confit

The Duck Confit (S$28) is given a layer of spiced honey glaze and served on a bed of button mushrooms, chestnut and farro to recreate Chinese glutinous rice-stuffed duck.

A Cube Bistro - Duck confit collage

Drizzling the tangy tamarind sauce on each element adds a distinct sweetness that brings out the duck’s juicy meat and lends more flavour to the crispy potato chips.

A Cube Bistro - Mussel Mouclade

The unique 3M Muscle Mussel Mouclade (S$20) is a unique Asian twist on the Belgium Mouclade. The mantou are to be dipped in the tomato broth while you savour the Lapcheong and local-farmed mussels that have soaked up the flavours of the rich stew.

A Cube Bistro - Drinks collage

Chocolate and Vanilla Milkshake (S$10 each) are great choices for a lighter meal while the refreshing Lime Juice (S$5) keeps your palate ready to take on more dishes. Coffee lovers might want to opt for Espresso (S$3.50), Long Black (S$4), or Cappuccino (S$5.50) instead.

A Cube Bistro’s Signature Blend of coffee is specially curated from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia with the aim of achieving a mixed taste of dark cherry, brown sugar and dark chocolate to complement your dining experience. Diners can customise their own blends to bring home as well.

Of course, beer options are available as well for after-work meetups and weekend binges at A Cube Bistro — Guinness Draught (S$18), Heineken (S$14/S$28) and Tiger (S$12/S$24).

50% off opening promotions are currently ongoing from 17 Oct to 26 Nov. 
1. 17 Oct – 22 Oct: Any Chef’s Signature Pizza
2. 23 Oct – 29 Oct: 3M Muscle Mussel Mouclade
3. 30 Oct – 5 Nov: Duck Confit
4. 6 Nov – 12 Nov: Crispy Skin Barramundi
5. 20 Nov – 26 Nov: Iberico Pork Collar

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A Cube Bistro

526 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368216

A Cube Bistro

526 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368216

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)