A Juicery: Get Healthy Cold-Pressed Juices At This Millennial Pink Cafe In Clarke Quay

A Juicery 01

Welcome to 2017, where cafes aren’t all about the food anymore.

Take a stroll along 21 Lor Telok, just across the bustling streets of Clark Quay. You’ll chance upon this store splashed in millennial pink colour, a definite show stopper for any passerby. From the flashy neon lights to a beautifully coordinated interior of the pink tiles and minimalistic layout, this place is literally screaming, “Enter me, already!”

A Juicery 02

A Juicery 03

Unlike your typical cafe, this artisanal store focuses on the sale of its freshly prepared cold-pressed juices with a small coffee selection on the side.

A Juicery 04

For all the aspiring fitspo out there, you’re probably going to love this! 

The juice bar carries an extensive range of juices prepared daily under a special concoction crafted to fit your daily needs. Be it the need for a refreshing start of the day or a little pick-me-up during middays, you’ll be sure to find something tailored to feed your taste buds.

The store carries an extensive list of 16 flavours for its raw cold-pressed juices, although the daily selection is subjected to availability. And we had the chance to try three of the flavours.

A Juicery 13

A Juicery 17

Marmalade Skies ($9) – To invigorate and kick-start your day.

The citrusy beverage tasted of condensed oranges and carrots, while the hint of mint coupled with the zesty lime and pineapple would leave a slight tingling sensation on your tongue. It is a refreshing blend that will jolt your senses awake.

A Juicery 14

Rescue Remedy ($9) – Your fuel for daily challenges. 

If you’re always feeling dreadful or groggy in the mid-afternoon, this might be the right drink for you. The juice is formulated to cleanse your body and push you through the day.

A whiff of celery will hit you even before you indulge in the beverage but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. One sip and you’ll find that the celery, bitter gourd and beetroot is a surprising combination that worked relatively well together with a bitter-sweet aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more. 

A Juicery 16

Logan Loco ($9) – Calming your senses as you wind down for the day.

An intense nutty milk flavour, the concoction of cashews and coconut water gives you a deliciously rich texture topped with a fruity aroma of the longan. This blend isn’t overbearing on the tastebuds and it could even be an alternative source of protein! 

If you’re looking for something more adventurous and a little fun for your afternoons, why not give the secret menu a try?

A Juicery 06

We had a go at their (not-so-secret-anymore) iced Strawberry Latte ($9) and it surely didn’t disappoint!

Let’s just say, the pleasant sweetness of the strawberry coupled with the latte reminded us of a certain strawberry snack we used to have when we were little. 

  A Juicery 08

Here’s the best part yet, you could literally stage your very own mini Instagram photoshoot here. You’re more than welcome to use the props available in the store, and we’ve had a blast getting our photos taken there!

A Juicery 12 A Juicery 11

The verdict? This place is as Instagram-worthy as you see it on your social media. The establishment is all about marketing the concept of hipster cool vibes and aesthetics that are on fleek.

While you do get an interesting blend of juices, there isn’t much on its food and beverages menu to absolutely blow you away. You’ll be surprised how that doesn’t deter anyone from paying this place a visit though.

A Juicery 09

It must be true that the dynamics of the food and beverage industry have gone into a complete overhaul. In time to come, we’ll likely see more of such stores springing up around us.

If you’re digging this aesthetically pleasing and fancy fanfare of beverages at A Juicery, do keep your eyes peeled for the seasonal flavours coming your way this coming Chinese New Year and Valentines in 2018.

Expected damage: $9 – $16

A Juicery: 21 Lor Telok, Singapore 049033 | Tel:6533 1301 | Opening Hours: 830AM – 5PM (except Saturdays and Sundays) | Website | Facebook