Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with homemade air fryer matcha red bean mooncakes

My mother bought her air fryer during ‘Circuit Breaker’ in 2020 after a lot of persuading from me, insisting that she ‘wouldn’t use it much’ and it might just ‘sit in a corner and collect dust’. Since its arrival in our house, I’m glad to share that it’s become the family’s favourite appliance. It’s given us homemade ‘healthier’ renditions of our favourite fast foods, and even the occasional basque burnt cheesecake.

I know we’re all gearing up towards Mid-Autumn Festival in September, with mooncakes in a flower-pattered plethora of flavour combinations that up the ante in taste and uniqueness each year.

Airfryer Mooncake Recipe 11
Credit – Phillips Singapore

I remember how half the fun of shopping for mooncakes every year was in trying all the samples. Of course, we won’t be able to do that this year, but there’s a very easy solution for those who want their mooncakes of a certain sweetness level: make your own at home. All you need is the nifty air fryer, and you’ll be whipping up delicious batches of matcha red bean mooncakes in no time.

a flatlay shot of mooncake ingredients
Credit – Phillips Singapore

Making your own mooncakes also means that you’ll be able to adjust the sugar levels to your individual preference, or even make it a bonding activity with your family and siblings on weekends. Make a trip down to the nearest grocery store, have your mooncake mould on standby, and you’re good to go.

mooncakes inside the airfryer
Credit – Philips Singapore

This easy recipe also features Philips’ brand new Airfryer XXL with Smart Sensing Technology (S$549) that automatically adjusts timing and temperature settings on the air fryer during cooking. This way, even the most amateurish chefs will definitely be able to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival this year with delicious mooncakes, and then homemade meals for the family all year round.

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