Find Love At A Matchmaking Experience Like No Other With Japan Aiskeiya Restaurants Opening In Singapore

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Credit – AisekiyaSingle and ready to mingle? Local Singapore karaoke chain operator Corlene International Entertainment Pte Ltd will be setting up something creatively romantic for its single customers. The business will undertake a joint venture with the company Section Eight Co., the operator of “matchmaking restaurant” chains Aisekiya in Japan.

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Credit – Aisekiya

The idea behind these Aisekiya restaurants is the random placement for single customers of the opposite gender to meet and find potential partners. The name “Aisekiya” originates from the Japanese word “aiseki”, which refers to table sharing. 

Section Eight will first be launching an Aisekiya restaurant in Singapore, followed by another in the Southeast Asian region in 2020 and has serious plans to expand its overseas chain to more than 10 restaurants in five years.

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Credit – Aisekiya

According to the Aisekiya restaurant’s website, there are food and drinks available, inclusive of alcoholic drinks! The drink options range from soft drinks to tea, water and bottles of sake and shochu.

Even though there are no bartenders present to prepare cocktails, customers may create mixers of their own. Getting your own drink allows for greater interaction between customers, especially since you can make drinks for your partnered stranger. 

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Credit – Aisekiya

The food bar also has an extensive range for customers to pick and select from. The snacks available include soup, salad, edamame, yakisoba (fried buckwheat noodles), karaage (fried chicken), fries and other traditional Japanese food options.

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Credit – Aisekiya

The food bar is pretty much a buffet spread and seems relatively reasonable for its price in Japan (JP¥1,500 for 30 mins)

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Credit – Aisekiya

The company has yet to decide a pricing system for its Singapore outlet. Around 50 existing Aisekiya restaurants in Japan charge time-based rates for men while women can use the service free of charge.

Frankly speaking, I’m quite excited to try out this service and bring along friends who are single like myself. If you’re up for a one-of-a-kind experience where Tinder is brought out of the screen and into real life, I think this should be something you should definitely try out. 

Dates & Times: TBC

Price: JP¥1,500 for 30 mins (estimated from Japan’s outlets)

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