12 Alternative Fries in Singapore That Will Put McDonald’s Fries to Shame

I am positive many of us adore fried food, so much so that we have to consciously and conscientiously stop ourselves from eating them.  One such devilishly delicious fried food is none other than fried cut potatoes.

This thing can go by several names: fries, chips, frites or whatever. But it doesn’t matter what name it goes by does it? Because in the end, fries are too delicious and we will just be too busy stuffing ourselves with it.

Now as the human race progresses and innovates, its natural that the common fries have been pimped too. From multiple kinds of asian inspired flavours, non-potato fries to fries that are just down right heart-attack inducing but addictive, here are some of the most unique fries in Singapore you have to try.

PSA: Please consume all fries in moderation and do not add to the statistics for coronary heart disease, diabetes etc. Singapore’s healthcare costs are high enough already, thank you.

12. Duck Fat Fries

Moules et Palourdes-fries

COCOTTE’s Duck Fat Fries and Aioli ($8)

Fat, sinful and yet so delicious a dish. Duck fat fries are really crispy and fragrant as these babies are usually fried more than once. Cocotte does a mean version which you can order as a side.

Les Bouchon and The Butchers’ Club fries them twice and thrice, respectively, in pools of duck fats. So imagine the oil, ya. But does it taste good tho? Yes, yes… unfortunately it does.

P.S. at these 3 places mentioned, the duck fat fries are not a separate snack but a side accompanying mains (i.e. Steak & Frites)

Les Bouchon: 7 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069689 | Tel: 6423 0737 | Website

The Butchers’ Club: 3A River Valley Road #01-01B, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020 | Tel: 6837 0675 | Website

Cocotte: 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494 | Tel: 6298 1188 | Website

11. Curry Fries

Fries Singapore_Curry Fries_Everything with Fries (1 of 1)

EwF’s Curry Fries ($8)

You like curry? You like fries? Toss them together and there ya go mate.

Many of us enjoy Asian twists on western foods and this is one of them. McDonald’s has done curry shaker fries before too but it is seasonal, so if you’re looking for curry fries that’s here to stay and much more worth your calories, EwF serves it.

Everything with Fries: Holland Village, 40 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 227695 | Tel: 6463 3741 | Website 

10. Naughty Fries

potato head folk naughty fries

Potato Head Folk’s Naughty Fries ($10)

The Naughty Fries from Potato Head are sliced in a bowl-like curved shape rather than straight-cut fries. Cut this way, the chips are eloquent at scooping sauce and the other treasure trove of ingredients loaded on top of it.

The said treasure trove of gravy includes: Beef chilli, fried shallots, chili, bearnaise sauce (a derivative of hollandaise) and parmesan. Again these are fries with some Asian twist to it. Spicy and salty, these fries are easily addictive for our Asian tastebuds.

However, some say it comes across as a tad too oily and too heavy, hence it’d be good to share this with more people.

Potato Head Folk: 36 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089143 | Tel: 6327 1939| Website

9. Spam Fries

maison ikkoku-2171

Maison Ikkoku’s SPAM Fries ($8)

Leading the SPAM craze is none other than SPAM fries. It’s pretty easy ain’t it? Take something people like, put it in a deep fryer and then boom! Everyone loves it. Everyone loves fried food.

SPAM fries are basically just deep-fried luncheon meat. Processed food has always been dubious in the health department but we eat it anyway – luncheon meat is mashed pork seasoned with lots of sodium, like briny soft sausages, in a can.

This is the kind of snack you munch on continuously, unconsciously until you realise it is all gone. Goes great with your cocktails so yeah load up on that salt and oil so you won’t get hammered that quickly. Maison ikkoku’s version is especially thin and crispy, which is quite unlike the other thicker cuts of spam fries you see.

Mad Men serves it with sambal chilli dipping sauce, real naice, but it costs $12, not so naice.

Maison Ikkoku: Level 2, 20 Kandahar St, Singapore 198885 | Tel: 6294 0078 | Website

Mad Men Attic Bar: 11 North Canal Rd, #03-02 (Attic Level), Singapore 048824 | Tel: 6222 3529 , 9822 1789 | Website

8. Pumpkin Fries


Fries Singapore_Pumpkin Fries_House Dempsey ONLINE (1 of 1)

House at Dempsey’s Pumpkin Hazelnut fries  ($8)

House appears quite a few times in this list simply because they have fries that deviate from the norm. One such example is their sweet, decadent pumpkin hazelnut fries. Deep-fried pumpkin is at least healthier than deep-fried potatoes, right?

The hazelnut bits give the pumpkin fries extra nutty flavour and crunch. For those of you who feel like an entirely sweet basket of fries is just going be too odd, fret not; the hazelnut toppings hides chilli powder and paprika in it too so this dish isn’t entirely a singular flat taste profile.

House at Dempsey: 8D Dempsey Road, Singapore 249672 | Tel: 64757787 | Website

7. Mentaiko Fries

Fries Singapore_Mentaiko Fries_GRUB (1 of 1)

GRUB Mentaiko Fries ($9)

One of their signature dish, GRUB’s mentaiko fries is a hot crowd favourite. Simple freshly fried skinny fries with that savoury, fishy mentaiko dressing drizzled on it.

If you’ve been having Japanese food, you’d know mentaiko is made from marinated pollock or cod roe, its then made into a creamy sauce mixed with butter and mayo.

Mentaiko has quite a steady fan base (which I suppose I am a part of) so I can totally see why this is a hit with fries.

GRUB: Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, 510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569983 | Tel: 6459 5743 | Website

6. Truffle Taro Fries

Fries Singapore_Truffle Taro Fries_House Dempsey ONLINE (1 of 1)

House at Dempsey’s taro Truffle Fries ($14)

Truffle Taro is probably like a power couple combination – just like David and Victoria Beckham. Both these individuals have their own distinct fan bases and when you put them together, it’s pretty much a stellar combination.

Cut finely and dipped generously in batter, the taro fries and extremely crisp. Coupled with the fragrance of truffle oil, you bet this is one hell of a snack for both truffle and taro lovers alike.

House at Dempsey: 8D Dempsey Road, Singapore 249672 | Tel: 64757787 | Website

5. Loaded Sweet Potato Fries with Jalapeno, Pulled Pork

ROOTSfries (1 of 1)

ROOTS Kitchen and Bar’s Loaded Sweet Potato Fries ($12)

This is technically still sweet potato fries but hear me out because ROOTS’ Loaded Sweet Potato Fries is on a whole new level.

The sweet potatoes form a soft base for the glorious layers of melted cheese with pulled pork and generous toppings of olives and jalapenos. It might sound weird but oh wow, it works wonderfully.

The juices of the jalapenos and olives balance out the natural sugars and cheesiness, reducing the chances of you feeling sick of this dish. The stewed pork is a meaty bonus that makes it more substantial. This dish is definitely loaded with the right stuff and is utterly addictive.

ROOTS Kitchen Bar: 30 Dickson Road, Singapore 209512 | Tel: 6291 5679 | Website

3. Kimchi Fries

DontTellMama2 (1 of 1)

(Right) Don’t Tell Mama’s Kimchi Fries ($18 )

Rest assured, this kimchi fries has actual added kimchi in it. A pretty decent heap of it actually. It isn’t going to be the disappointing kimchi-powder fries you get at some places *ahem*.

The piping hot crisp fries are drizzled generously with homemade kimchi mayo and more regular mayo. Extra jalapenos and onions alleviate the chances of feeling sick of the dish with some sharp spicy kick. Anyway, kimchi itself is kind of a sour appetite stimulant so it is pretty easy to devour.

Chunks of pulled pork hidden underneath makes it more filling – feels like you’re having a main in a snack.

Don’t Tell Mama: 52 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088473 | Tel: 6221 2007 | Website

2. Salted Egg Sweet Potato Fries

Fries Singapore_Salted Egg Fries_Sin Lee (1 of 1)

Sin Lee’s Salted Egg Yolk Sweet Potato Fries ($10)

Sin Lee was the first to come up with this lovely creation. This dish has thick chunks of sweet potato, crisp on the outside and mushy on the inside, accompanied by a yellow dollop of glorious salted-egg yolk sauce. Garnished with toasted curry leaves for the extra dimension in flavour.

The salted egg sweet potato fries is tasty, but might be a bit too hearty until it gets slightly jelat (cloying), so share the love. If only they could be more generous with the Salted egg yolk sauce.

Alternatively, if you’re not one who likes it thick cut and soft, Miss Lok also does Sweet Potato fries with a side of salted egg yolk dipping sauce at $10.

Sinlee: 4 Jln Bukit Ho Swee, #01-164, Singapore 162004 | Tel: 6377 3170 | Website

Miss Lok5 Magazine Road #01-01 Singapore 059571 | Tel: 6604 8814 | Website

For regular salted egg yolk potato fries, LeBan, A for Arbite and The Quarters does it. Explodingbelly, the dedicated salted egg yolk lover, has waxed lyrical about LeBan’s salted egg yolk fries ($6.50) so it is pretty much going into my to-eat list.

LeBan HK Cafe: 2 Jalan Leban, Singapore 577547 | Tel: 65 6257 8801 | Website

1. Chilli Crab Cheese Fries

Fries Singapore_Chilli Crab Cheese Fries_Loof ONLINE (1 of 1)

Loof’s Chilli Crab Cheese Fries ($14)

C’mon it’s chilli crab sauce! With Cheese! How can that not be the ultimate combination. This combination is more than the celebrity power couple; it is a combination so perfect they stand the test of time like Bonnie and Clyde.

Pretty much another way to enjoy chilli crab without the mess and the cost of an entire chilli crab. Loof is generous with their sauce and toppings too so there’s enough sauce for the fries.

Best part? There’s real Sri Lankan crab meat. They’re not going to cheat your feelings. Plus point: cheap drinks, chill place at Loof.

Loof: 331 North Bridge Road, #03-07, Odeon Towers Extension Rooftop, Singapore 188720 | Tel: 9773 9304 | Website

0. Twister Fries

mcd twister fries

When I meant forget McDonald fries, I meant their regular oily non-satisfying yellow soggy sticks.

Twister fries though, are a cut above the rest.

“I love this, if you don’t, you suck.” – Xinhui

McDonald’s: Ronald McDonald has taken over the world and is everywherrrrrre.