First dibs: Anagram — Aesthetic cafe with glasshouse exterior brings elegance to the Queenstown estate

The interior of a coffee house plays a significant part in the whole experience of enjoying coffee. I think Anagram did a good job in securing that for patronisers. Newly constructed in the neighbourhood of Queenstown sits Anagram, a new coffeehouse at Anchorpoint Shopping Centre.

It is a new boutique cafe that brings change into the coffee scene at Queenstown, especially when commercial places like Starbucks and The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) have been ruling the place for a long while. As someone who has lived in Queenstown my whole life, I have seen the changes around my neighbourhood and the addition of the cafe really adds to the elegant ambience that Anchorpoint Mall has built for itself.

Anagram 1

The cafe has a blend between soft and rugged edges. From the soft glasshouse exterior that sits stylishly by perimeters of the mall, to the rugged interior of stone tables and countertops, everything blends cohesively to make a small cosy cafe. The cafe has about 5 to 6 bench-style seats, inclusive of external seating and seats by the wall.

Anagram 2

Something that they really emphasise on in their space is texture. Their interior inspiration abides by 4 themes: flow, texture, form and light. And we can see that from their mixed inclusion of stone counter tops and clean wooden panels— a hybridity that differs from most minimalistic cafes. Their coffee counter sits on top of a rock that emphasises the natural rough edges.

Anagram 3

Enough about me going on and on about their gorgeous interior, come here yourself to admire the space you’ll know why I can’t stop commending on their space. Obviously, coffee places should serve up good coffees. They use an ANNA Signature blend from a local roastery, Tad Coffee, serving a 3 bean blend which consists of Colombian, Ethiopian and Ugandan beans.

I enjoyed a cup of Piccolo (S$4.50) over a normal latte because I am awfully addicted to caffeine and I needed a larger ratio of coffee. Its hearty medium roast left a lingering roast aftertaste in my mouth. The coffee tasted full-bodied and nutty, but left a refreshing and bright finish with the milkiness! My partner had a White (S$6), which had a well-balanced ratio of coffee to milk.

Anagram 4

To perfect my whole experience at Anagram, we enjoyed the Banana Cake (S$3.50). It’s quite small in size but its resounding factor was an actual banana in the cake! I love banana cakes and I’ve heard nothing but praises for Anagram’s banana cake. Of course, I was proven right. It had a rather crisp exterior that was paired with a soft mushy bite from the banana inside. They also have a spread of other rotational in-house pastries, from cookies to croissants, but availability is dependent on how early you arrive.

Whenever my friends ask me about places to eat or lounge near my house, I find myself unable to answer these questions. Now that there’s another coffee place near the area, I am glad that more and more new additions are dominating the estate. I also saw another small Scandinavian bakery in the works at the corner of my eye… Exciting news awaits!

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370 Alexandra Road, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, #01-13A, Singapore 159953


370 Alexandra Road, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, #01-13A, Singapore 159953

Operating Hours: 8am - 6pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 8am - 6pm (Daily)