First dibs: Coffee Donkee — A quiet coffee place in Haji Lane that’ll teleport you to Japan

Haji Lane is a street that is persistently bustling. From cafes to tattoo parlours, to bars and restaurants, it seems the whole area is compacted to having it all. Except for a Japanese-inspired cafe of course, which Coffee Donkee has brought to the table! Coffee Donkee is a charming coffee place that is best known for its brews made from freshly imported Japanese beans to add to the whole experience.

A coffee shop curated by a group of three friends, they molded their dreams into reality by making a tranquil space for coffee lovers, away from the lively crowd.

While they are undergoing modifications in the store, they have yet to prepare a fully perfected area. They are currently in their soft launch and have made promises for more aesthetic spots in the store — so stay tuned! However, do feel free to patronise them as their current space is still open to serving up great cups of coffee and delicious pastries for now.

Coffee Donkee 1

Unbeknownst to many, the hidden area at the back of the cafe is a tiny zen garden. Definitely hidden within the store, I chose to enjoy my coffee over here as if I was in a quiet retreat. The theme that they follow is a Japanese inspired one, a theme that follows through with many of the other things that they offer.

Coffee Donkee 3

Their open concept coffee counter allows you to witness the whole extent of the beans brewing and dripping, so very delicately. The coffee takes about 2 minutes for the beans to boil before it drips into the cup. Watching the whole process was extremely therapeutic for me.

Coffee Donkee 2

Some of their signature brews include the Donkee blend and the Sakura blend. The latter features a mixture of 5 different types of beans, resulting in strong notes of floral and sourness. It leans towards a medium roast, and it is quite similar to most drip coffees.

However, their in-house blend, Donkee blend, is quite unique in the sense that it tastes completely different from most drip coffees. The end result is a slightly bitter dark roast, with a very light finish. This is something that I would recommend if you’re looking for something different. An eye-opening experience!

Both priced at S$10, the coffee is served in handmade ceramic cups, collected by the lovely owners of this shop. They fly all over the world curating their own collection of ceramic art, keeping a unique selection up for display and use in their store. The cups are also available for purchase!

Coffee Donkee 4

On the outside, their cute assemble includes a small swing for you to snap some pictures before you enter their cosy shop. Swing yourself into Japan once you walk through those glass doors!

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Coffee Donkee

51 Haji Lane, Singapore 189244

Coffee Donkee

51 Haji Lane, Singapore 189244

Telephone: +65 89202055
Telephone: +65 89202055