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Let Anchor Food Professionals Bake You Crazy With 9 Tea-Inspired Cakes

Last Updated: December 27, 2017

Written by Wani

Heard of the phrase, “Have your cake, and eat it too”? Well, now you definitely can, as Anchor Food Professionals (AFP) presents It’s Cake Time: Brew & Bake, a collaboration with nine local bakeries to deliver limited edition floral tea-inspired cakes.

The cakes baked from Anchor’s fresh cream and butter are infused with delicate, floral flavours like osmanthus, lavender and rose – perfect as a tea time snack or potluck addition for the festive season.

Available for a limited time only, head down to your favourite local bakeries from now till 31 December 2017 to indulge in one of the sweetest treats of the year. There’s also a grand prize of four return tickets to New Zealand and a runner-up prize of two up for grabs – all you have to do is eat cake to enter!

1.Marigold Secreto by Swissbake

Anchor Food Professionals 3

Rich, creamy milk chocolate comes together beautifully with a tropical tea blend containing marigold blossoms and sweet, tangy mango in Swissbake’s Marigold Secreto.

The crisp acidity of the tea cuts through the heaviness of the milk chocolate, enhancing the decadence of the flavours while offering a great aromatic balance.

2. Lavender Earl Grey by Swee Heng

Anchor Food Professionals 2

Earl Grey tea is a popular flavour that lends itself to pairing with many types of desserts, and the classic lavender bergamot blend found in Swee Heng’s masterpiece is well-loved for a reason.

Sink your teeth into luscious tea-spiked cream frosting wrapped around layers of subtly-scented chocolate and vanilla sponge. The crumbly streusel base and hidden chocolate pearls add textural contrast and a satisfying crunch.

3. Osmanthus Lychee Mousse by Rive Gauche

Anchor Food Professionals 6

Better known for its use in tea or traditional Chinese desserts, the osmanthus flower adds a distinct aroma to the Osmanthus Lychee Mousse by Rive Gauche. The cleverly concocted confection layers lychee jelly and osmanthus tea-infused mousse atop a light vanilla sponge, making it the perfect dessert to end a heavy holiday feast.

4. Jasmine Tea Mousse Cake by Mugiya

Anchor Food Professionals 5

Get your sweet-and-sour fix with Mugiya’s Jasmine Tea Mousse Cake. Piped with mango and passionfruit purée between layers of chocolate sponge and Jasmine tea-infused mousse, the tart sweetness of the tropical fruit flavours is not the only surprise you’re in for — Rice Krispies coated in white chocolate form the base of this cake, giving you a sweet, unexpected crunch when you dive right in.

Our verdict? Even those who usually skip dessert won’t pass up on this one!

5. Strawberry Rose Cake by Dora Keiki

Anchor Food Professionals

This beautiful, romantic three-layered Strawberry Rose Cake by Dora Keiki will make the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

Rose water lends more of a fragrance than taste in the alternating sponge and Japanese cheesecake layers, while white chocolate frosting balances out the tartness of puréed strawberry bits, making it a well-balanced cake.

Simple in taste and presentation, the palate-pleasing, complementary flavours in this cake is what makes it stand out.

5. Osmanthus Onde Onde Cake by D’Pastriez

Anchor Food Professionals 7

Ever wondered how onde onde with a floral twist would taste like? D’Pastriez by Bread Fresh’s Osmanthus Onde Onde Cake is a reinvention of the popular traditional treat that incorporates subtle notes of floral osmanthus to interesting effect. The familiar, comforting flavours of fresh pandan juice, desiccated coconut, and gula melaka come together in a way that’s almost savoury with a touch of luxury.

Make sure to sink your fork right through to get to the caramelised coconut sablés, which leaves a smoky aftertaste and adds another dimension to the cake’s overall flavour.

6. Rose Lychee Cake by Barcook

Anchor Food Professionals 12

The distinct fragrance of rose is brightened by the refreshing sweetness of lychee in this aromatic cake by Barcook. Layers of light, delicate sponge and white chocolate mousse contrasts with a rose tea-infused crème brulee and crisp sablé, which makes for a delicious mouthful of textures with every bite. I will gladly trade a bouquet of flowers for this cake any day!

7. Apple Rose Cake by Bakery Cuisine

Anchor Food Professionals 4

Utilising rose in their recipe as well, Bakery Cuisine has chosen green apple slices to complement the floral fragrance in this innovative bundt cake. The apples are soaked in raspberry purée to maintain a crisp, firm texture, and the resulting sweet-tart flavour contributes to an overall balance of flavours.

9. Gluten-free Orange and Lavender Tea Cake by Baker & Cook

Anchor Food Professionals 9

Saving the best for last: the Gluten-free Orange and Lavender Tea Cake by Baker & Cook is our favourite of the lot. Similar in texture to a carrot cake, it’s the house-made marmalade and cream cheese combination that makes this citrusy-sweet treat a winner for us. Trust us – you won’t be missing the flour in this one!

It’s Cake Time: Brew & Bake: Website | Facebook | Instagram

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Anchor Food Professionals.

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